In a world of increasing demands on marketers, we have to be smarter about the way we engage with subscribers.

Trying a slightly different approach can deliver a surprising outcome. We can learn from our Sales colleagues by just asking the right question.


The Campaign

Each quarter we send subscribers an “Important Eloqua Update” email. The campaign coincides with the mid-quarter release of Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua, four times a year.

The Audience

We focus this campaign on Eloqua Administrators and executive customer contacts. We do not send this email to prospects unless they have expressly subscribed to “Important Eloqua Updates”.

Previous Campaign Performance

Total Subscribers

Unique Open Rate

Unique Click-Through Rate

The Important Update subscription base is targeted. The “important” information is in the email itself, meaning the reader does not have to click to get the updates.

Expanding the Campaign audience members

We have hundreds of prospective clients that we strongly suspect are Oracle Eloqua clients based on their engagement. While they are likely to be an Oracle client, they do not currently receive services from Marketing Cube. Clearly, there is an opportunity.

Keep in mind, the people who receive the second email are only seeing it because they did not open the first one. Perhaps the first one just disappeared down their inbox or wasn’t noticed.

We decided to “Just Ask”.

Growing the subscriber base is also an important part of the process. We started using Eloqua’s Dynamic Content across relevant campaigns to invite known Eloqua users to subscribe.

Most salespeople are very good at asking questions. We applied the same approach and we’ve seen the overall subscriber base increase.

The typical format of this campaign

ELOQUA 1 email with repeat Campaign Canvas 900x900pxl

We started with our standard approach

This section of the Eloqua Campaign Canvas shows the delivery of two emails. The second email is only delivered to people who did not open the first email. 

This simple, automated step, helps to lift overall campaign performance but more importantly, it gets your message in front of more people.

Keep in mind, the people who receive the second email are only seeing it because they did not open the first one.

Perhaps the first one just disappeared down their inbox or wasn’t noticed.

The second email is identical to the first except for the subject line and preview text.

We have not seen any real impact on unsubscribe levels as a result of this simple Campaign Canvas design.

Other changes to the campaign took place as the subscriber base grew.

It became clear that the way we presented Eloqua updates to our clients needed to differ from prospects. Initially, we had two separate email assets, a customer edition and a non-customer edition. You can see the screenshot above shows the customer content.

We then adjusted the design of the email to contain Dynamic Content, addressing both audiences with one asset, personalised and tailored to each audience member.

Percentage Increase in overall Campaign Performance following optimisation


Unique Open Rate

Unique Click-Throughs

When you have a targeted list of high-value subscribers it’s worth optimising your campaigns.

…and of course, we should invite you to subscribe too.

So, if you feel that our Important Updates will be relevant for you, please click that big red button below to subscribe.

Not only will you get updates direct to your inbox, but you’ll also be helping us continue producing great content like this blog post. And who doesn’t want that?

Using Eloqua Landing Pages & Eloqua Forms to enhance the new subscriber experience

Our preference centre offers a range of subscriptions, but we’ve found that some subscribers are more interested in certain types of content than others.

For instance, our Eloqua Important Updates subscription is perfect for keeping up with the latest changes to the platform. In some cases, it makes the most sense to just present this subscription option to our readers.

By offering a separate asset for this subscription, we can avoid overwhelming our readers with too many options and make it easier for them to find the content they’re looking for. 

Should you choose to subscribe, you’ll receive a confirmation email and in that email, we invite you to subscribe to additional services. The confirmation email has a 50.38% Unique Open Rate and a 17.33% Click-to-Open rate.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Did you know Eloqua clients globally produce more Landing Pages than they do Emails? If you’re not using Eloqua Landing Pages, you have to wonder why.