Sometimes your webinar topic just hits the mark, it resonates with your intended audience. That’s what happened for this month’s Eloqua User Group webinar.

Meet your host, Derek Bell.

Grow your audience with the right message

Over the past 7+ years, the Eloqua User Group has been hosted in-person and online. Today we have 1,100+ active subscribers with an average of about 60 attendees each month across two live webinars.

What stood out this month is not just the 100+ registrants, but the net-new subscribers. We can tell that a portion of this has been current subscribers sharing details with colleagues.

However, the other growth has come from Linkedin and organic visitors to our website. The Eloqua form catches the attribution data so we can measure campaign performance each month.

We approached this month’s webinar a little differently

Over the past 12 months, we’ve asked User Group registrants how many years they’ve been using Eloqua. Those responses have helped us tailor how we frame the subject matter using dynamic content each month.

This month we took it a step further and sent an email to all registrants who had previously told us they’ve been an Eloqua user for two years or less.

The response was fantastic. Our objective is to take the feedback from this portion of the audience to ensure the webinar addresses the needs of Eloqua’s newest users.

Without disclosing who provided these comments, perhaps you can relate to some of these suggested items from subscribers for the webinar

  • “I would love to know more about the reporting capabilities of a campaign. As well as learning more about the email signature rules, and some of the nuanced buttons at each step that often go overlooked. How do we best utilise these?”
  • “One of the biggest challenges I face every day is being able to have one single form feed into multiple different steps in a campaign.”
  • “I don’t use Eloqua in my day-to-day tasks, but I’d like to understand how it works so I can better involve the Marketing Automation team in my integrated marketing strategies.”
  • “Just joining this webinar to gain some tips/exposure on how to set up a good canvas.”
  • “I think the main thing for me lately would be understanding the reporting metrics, and where the best place to go is for overall campaign performance.”
  • “The place that I get stuck is when adding exclusions or changing the segments – that are manually uploaded, not triggered within the system. So if you can share any insights on this I would LOVE that…”

What’s on this month’s agenda?

An overview of the key areas of the Campaign Canvas – Actions, Options, Settings, Notes & Reporting.
We’ll show you how to quickly access analytics to review your campaign performance.
A quick overview of Canvas Apps & integration with CRM.

In summary

It was the first-party data that really helped drive registrations

  1. Our long-term first-party data gathering strategy continues to deliver results and helps us hyper-personalise the experience for our subscribers.
  2. Getting the topic right is a little bit of a mix between art & science. We know this topic is popular, however, we can’t run the same topic every month. It’s forward-thinking, mixed with a strategic plan & making time to listen to the needs of our clients.

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