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Consent Management, is that Preference Management or something else? Great question. This month we looked at Consent Management & ways you can use Eloqua to manage this critical business process. Even your legal team will be excited about how this is done.

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If you’re doing business in multiple jurisdictions, it’s probably a good idea to raise the bar on your Consent and op-in processes 

Even if your business and marketing is limited to a single geography, having a strong consent management process is easy with Eloqua. You have everything you need to keep even the most studious lawyer happy. Access the replay today and discover a range of tangible tips to help you manage consent, opt-in and opt-out with confidence.

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Let’s be clear about “Subscribed Globally”, “Unsubscribed Globally”, “Opt-in”, “Opt-out”, “Subscribed” and “Unsubscribed”

Getting the team on the same page with the use of language is critical. The following represents how we work with Oracle Eloqua clients helping them ensure consistency in their use of these terms. 

Attribution plays an important role in the data you capture from a Consent Management process.

When it comes to assigning budget to various marketing campaigns, the dollars assigned to advertising are often fought over by various team members. When it comes to understanding which channels are effective, you need to be able to measure each channel. Enter, attribution.

Glossary of terms

Subscribed Globally:

You might refer to this as “opt-in”. It’s the point where a person agrees with you about how you will use their data that you collect about them over time. From a consent management point of view, it’s important to capture the initial details you’re capturing along with the persons expressed consent.

Expressed consent is generally done by requiring a person to check a box. You will also want to capture the original time and date of the first opt-in and other typical marketing attribution details.

Unsubscribed Globally:

Also commonly referred to as “opted-out”. If a person is Unsubscribed Globally in Eloqua, they will never be sent another email from Eloqua. You should probably update the CRM with their opt-out status and then delete them from Eloqua. 


This relates to Eloqua Email Groups. If a person is “subscribed” to an email group, that in and of itself doesn’t typically relate to an opt-in. You may of course have language on your externally facing form that advises that by submitting this specific form the person is “opting-in” to your organisation and is “subscribed” to e.g. “the Eloqua User Group”.

See the screenshot below. The Form Processing Steps include the step function “Email Group – Subscribe/Unsubscribe“. In this example the person is completing a form to register for the Eloqua User Group. As long as they “opt-in” – i.e. check the box on the form, they will be subscribed to the email group. Remember they’re Subscribed Globally by default. The language on your form should make this clear.


Again, this is an Email Group term. This is not opted-out. A person may unsubscribe from the subscription “Eloqua User Group”, however they have not opted-out of all communications from Marketing Cube.

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Do you have questions about Consent Management & Eloqua?

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