Managing your 'automation over the holiday period.

This User Group provided suggestions and ideas about a range of things you should consider when it comes to your always-on campaigns, your autoresponder campaigns and others during extended holiday periods.

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We’ve prepared some ideas and tips for your Eloqua team to consider.

We can finally start to see 2020 in the rear-view mirror, with 2021 almost here. While some of us will be taking time off over the summer, others will be hunkering down for the winter. The one thing we all have in common though, are the various holidays celebrated around the world and the associated holiday or vacation time. Keep reading, or access the replay above, for more details and suggestions.

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Unsupervised & “fully automatic” can be a little dangerous.

For larger marketing teams, you probably have a few levels of approval before you launch your campaigns. Hopefully you have a few Eloqua experts in that approval process who understand the flow and function of the Campaign Canvas.

For smaller teams e.g. marketing teams of three or less, you possibly don’t have the bandwidth to have multiple people review your more complex campaigns.

TIP: Always include yourself in your campaigns and ensure you’re the first one to enter the campaign. This means you will experience and see the content before anyone else. 

Ask yourself these questions before you pack the car and head off to the cabin, the beach or the mountains.

  • Do our always-on campaigns need any edits, changes or perhaps to be deactivated for a few weeks?
  • Should the copy associated with forms be edited where specific promises are made i.e. “You will hear from us in 4 hours”.
  • Do we have Form Processing Steps pushing people into campaigns that don’t make sense during an extended break?
  • Have we reviewed the copy in our always-on emails? Be aware of SLA’s/time commitments that you make during normal trading.
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Lift the hood & take a look at the following…

Regardless of the size of your Eloqua Contact database, there are a range of “data hygiene” activities that you should consider on a regular schedule. As a minimum, once a quarter is a good benchmark. If you’re database is 1M+ contacts, once a month may be a good idea.

Why perform these tasks?

  1. There is limited, to no point having people in Eloqua that you can’t send an email to. Removing contacts marked as a Hard Bounceback or who have Unsubscribed Globally. 
  2. From a commercial point of view, your annual licence fees are based on the size of your database i.e. the number of unique email addresses. Remove those people you can’t communicate with.

Try these tasks.

  • You will have Hard Bounces that could be removed from Eloqua to lower your overall contact count
  • You should consider removing all Globally Unsubscribed Contacts.
  • Take advantage of the new Email & Form Archive function. This will help remove old campaign assets. Think of it as a Spring clean for the Email and Form Editors.

Read additional ideas from one of our past Blog Post.

Once you delete these Contacts from Eloqua, how do you prevent them flowing back into Eloqua from the CRM? 

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Insight Analytics & Eloqua Dashboards

It will take you about 6-10 minutes to extract an Insight report for the period 1 January 2020 – 31 December 2020 and then a second report for the previous 12 month period. When you extract the same report for two different periods, you will gain a clearer idea of campaign performance, year-on-year.

You could extract a report for the past 24 months, however, it then becomes more complex to separate out campaigns that may overlap the two time periods you’re trying to compare. The Campaign Analysis Overview report is the best place to start, it contains almost every metric you would want.

If you wanted to go down a level and review individual email performance, then I’d suggest you look at the Email Analysis Overview report.

We can shape the future more clearly when the past is in focus.

These steps will take you about six minutes.

The Campaign Analysis Overview Insight report shows an overview of the success of the campaign as a whole. The date range determines which campaigns display and the metrics are for all activity on those campaigns.

  1. Access Insight as an Analyzer user
  2. Locate the Campaign Analysis Overview report
  3. Configure the first report for the past 12 months to date
  4. Configure the second report for the 12 month period PRIOR to the first report
  5. Export both to excel and analyse as you deem appropriate
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Release 20D (November 2020) Release Highlights

  • New Look and Feel for Eloqua: Eloqua UI is getting an exciting new look and feel. You’ll notice a design refresh applied to different areas of the platform starting with the Eloqua login screen, main navigation menu, hamburger menu, and MyEloqua home page
  • Archiving Emails and Forms: You can now archive both forms and emails, and choose to include or exclude archived assets from reports in Insight.
  • New Zoom App: You can now send Webinar or Meeting registrations to Zoom and we have brought back participant information from Zoom onto the Campaign Canvas in Eloqua. (UPDATE: as at 15th February 2021, the new ZOOM is still not available)
  • Send Time Optimisation*: With STO, Eloqua can determine the optimum time for you to send an email in a campaign *(Now generally available with the Eloqua Advanced Intelligence Add-on package)
  • Contact Fatigue Analysis*: With the power of AI, you can identify how fatigued your customers are so that you can change your message frequency to reduce disengagement and minimise opt-outs *(Now generally available with the Eloqua Advanced Intelligence Add-on package)

Oracle Eloqua’s Advanced Intelligence features use algorithms, data science and machine learning to help marketers achieve superior business results.

The following features are only available as part of Eloqua’s Advanced Intelligence Add-on:

  • Send Time Optimisation
  • Subject Line Optimisation
  • Account Intelligence
  • Fatigue Analysis

For more information, please contact us today.

  • Account Engagement Overview dashboard now includes a new Top Accounts by Engagement Score chart to visually compare accounts on three dimensions: score, engaged contacts, and scored activities.
  • Access key account details and engagement using the Account Performance dashboard. The dashboard includes engagement score trends, engaged contact details, and top campaigns and assets.
  • A new Send Time Optimisation Performance chart allows you to analyse your Send Time Optimisation sends. Two attributes are also now available for this dashboard (Send Time Optimised and Schedule Type) in the Account Activity subject area.
  • A Fatigue Level attribute is available in the Contacts attribute folder.

The following additional attributes are available in the Account Activity subject area for accounts with the Advanced Intelligence Package add-on:

Engagement Score, Previous Week Score, Change in Engagement Score, Engaged Contacts, Reachable Contacts, Email Send Attributes.

Marketing Cube is proud to be an…