Delivering a personalised virtual event experience using the power of data

How we delivered a personalised virtual event experience across geographical markets, using the power of Eloqua and some ‘outside the Cube’ thinking. 

In the middle of a global pandemic, we needed a way to reach our clients and prospects, most working from home, as part of our regular Oracle Marketing Lab workshop. The event is usually delivered over lunch with a sit-down meal. Current circumstances meant we had to think outside the box and try to deliver an intimate experience via ZOOM.

We had to obtain home address details for our B2B clients & prospects for hampers to be delivered.

We targeted a small group of customers and prospects and invited them to RSVP to the webinar. Once they RSVP’d we then asked them to select a sweet or savoury hamper and to choose either a red or white wine.

The entire process was managed using Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua. Eloqua provides an HTML free experience as we built emails, landing pages and forms all combined together and delivered via the Eloqua Campaign Canvas.

One of our clients sent a thank you note after the webinar

“…thank you for including me in the Marketing Lab meeting. My first one so I don’t know how it compared to your usual face-to-face format, but it was fantastic.

I’ve taken so many notes to share with our wider team. The mix of Australian and NZ participants was fantastic…the value of having everyone involved was certainly worth it from my point-of-view.

Back to my snacks! Have a lovely afternoon and evening ahead.”

Kimberley – Manager Projects
Marketing Directorate
an Australian University

We chose hamper delivery partners in Australia & New Zealand to help personalise the experience.

At the registration point, we asked a few questions to personalise the experience. We chose to make these questions a little vague, enough to personalise each individual hamper but enough so there was an element of surprise when the hamper was opened.

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20200730 AU White wine savory 500x500pxl
20200730 AU Red wine sweet 500x500pxl
20200730 AU Red wine savory 500x500pxl

See how we personalised the webinar invitation process & had individual hampers delivered to our guests.

Globe Australia New Zealand 500x500pxl

Working across two countries, with two suppliers for the delivery of a personalised hamper.

With two hamper suppliers across two geographies, we had to modify the hamper selection process at the point of registration. Post-event communications then used the same data to reference their choice of a sweet or savoury hamper and their wine selection.

Our top 6 tips on getting more personal

Strategic Services icons8-user-group-500

Tip 1

Really understand your audience

Strategic Services icons8-journey-500

Tip 2

Map personas through your customer journey

Strategic Services icons8-analyze-500

Tip 3

Interrogate your existing data

Strategic Services icons8-data-grid-500

Tip 4

Build out your data based on what you need

Strategic Services icons8-windows10-personalization-500

Tip 5

Design for personalisation 

Strategic Services icons8-test-tube-500

Tip 6

Test, learn, optimise… and repeat

Man coffee cafe laptop kal-visuals-PFC2fY9LE_g-unsplash (1) 500x600pxl
Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

*SOURCE: Marketing’s Holy Grail: Digital personalization at scale, McKinsey & Co. November 18, 2016 | Article

McKinsey’s four steps to personalisation*

Take a journey lens: Use behavioural data to find where the value is

Listen and respond: Plan in advance to react quickly to customer signals

Build the war room: Empower a small group of the right people

Rewire and hardwire: Focus on the processes and technology that really help teams work faster

We ‘d gladly recommend our two hamper partners

Australia: Hampers with Bite 

From the outset, the team at Hampers with Bite couldn’t have been more helpful. I was connected to Katie a sales representative and she was a rock star. She answered all of my questions, provided suggestions and they even provided images of what our unique hampers would look like so we could use them in our Eloqua campaigns via email and landing pages.

New Zealand: Willow & Wolfe

Our Auckland team recommended we look at Willow & Wolfe. We made contact Sherman from Willow & Wolfe and he couldn’t have been more helpful. Our Kiwi guests commented on how delicious their hampers were.