Modern Marketers know that observing behaviour, analysing data and making slight changes in their course can produce a significant impact on campaign outcomes.

Is your organisation leveraging Eloqua’s automation? It’s easy to fall into a “set-and-forget” headspace allowing Eloqua to work some magic on your campaigns.

However, Modern Marketers know that observing behaviour, analysing data and making slight changes in their course can produce a significant impact on campaign outcomes.

20200225 FEB Eloqua User Group AGENDA

Why the nautical theme this month?

On Friday 28th February – Saturday 1st March Oracle hosted the global SailGP event on Sydney Harbour. All boats in the SailGP race are identical, all data captured during the race is shared with all boats. The difference, the competitive edge comes down to the skill of the crew. Eloqua is a lot like that, all Eloqua users have access to the same software and the same functions.

You are the difference. This month we took a close look at the “instruments” you have available to help you navigate your way to success.

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Are you set up for success?

The analogy here essentially means reviewing the data that you have available to you. This can be a paradigm shift for some users. If you see your job as simply pushing emails out the door, then it’s unlikely you’ll find much value in the analytical data Eloqua provides.

If you see yourself as a marketer seeking to engage with an audience or multiple audiences and have a clear set of objectives that you measure yourself against, then data become valuable and insightful.

What are you answers to these questions?

  • What reports and measurements are important to your campaigns?
  • What does the data actually mean, what is it telling you?
  • Do you have standard reports set up to quickly group campaigns?

What are your answers to these questions?

Last month we covered the importance of Eloqua Dashboards done well. In other words, utilising the tools you have available helps evaluate past campaign performance and to optimise for future campaigns.

20200225 FEB Eloqua User Group.022

It’s you that makes the difference

All Eloqua users globally have access to the same platform. A marketer at a global financial services firm with 300+ people in marketing has the same Eloqua as a two-person marketing team in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

What are you doing to make a difference in your CX?

While there may be reasons for basic email campaigns that could probably be done using Outlook, you have the Rolls Royce of Marketing Automation platforms at your disposal. Don’t be like a sailor from the 1800s traversing the Southern Ocean trying to find the mystical Great Southern Land. Use your instruments, access your data and discover opportunities to engage people.

Sailing with instruments

  • Ensure Eloqua Dashboards are configured to maximise their value
  • Consider creating Agents in Insight to deliver reports to your inbox at regular intervals.
  • Explore the library of Insight reports, become familiar with what’s available
  • Consider Eloqua data pushed to your CRM to build reports & dashboards.

Enhance CRM Dashboards & Reports with Eloqua data

At Marketing Cube we move quite a bit of data from Eloqua to our CRM. Part of the reason is to ensure the sales team has data available to help them, this is largely Profiler data.

However, the ‘business’ is also hungry for data especially around ROI and also overall campaign effectiveness. This includes attribution data e.g. Lead Source and more. Want to know more…

20200225 FEB Eloqua User Group.027

This is a recurring topic across many of our webinars. You’re missing out on great insight if you’re not maximising Eloqua Dashboards.

Last month we walked you through ways to better use the Eloqua Dashboards. Click here to visit that blog post. The three primary values that you can assign to each campaign are Campaign Type, Product and Region. 

The actual values you enter into these single-select picklists are completely up to you. As you will see in the video below, you can then use those values to adjust the dashboards to help narrow your focus on unique assets or more broadly campaigns.

Campaign Type



Dashboards, done well, offer additional insight. Poorly configured, they deliver very little insight.

This quick video showcases the Eloqua Dashboards and explains the type of data on display.

Got questions? 

20200225 FEB Eloqua User Group.031

You will need to access the replay to watch the hack, you’ll love it like Dan from New Zealand.

This hack essentially speeds the Dynamic Content build time by removing any need for HTML in the build process.

Dynamic Content has been a core feature of Eloqua for more than ten years. The hack outlined in this month’s user group is quick, easy and “responsive”.

Customer feedback less than 24 hours after the live webinar!

“Hi Derek, thanks heaps for the heads up about that hack yesterday Oracle had it up for me within the hour and will really change the way we are doing dynamic content. Already it has increased the visual appeal and user experience of our dynamic content”

Dan – Eloqua Administrator
Auckland, New Zealand

20200225 FEB Eloqua User Group.035

Oracle Eloqua Release 20B is due mid-May

In January we covered new features announced with the 20A release. You can read those here.

This month we quickly recapped on Release 20A and explored others in more detail.

There were a couple of enhancements we needed to actually see in order to give you more details. Changes to the Facebook Lead Ads app was one of those.

We have some exciting news for you about Release 20B, however, that will have to wait for now…