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As the year draws to a close it’s a good time to take stock of Campaign performance for the year. It’s also a good time to audit always-on campaigns and general Eloqua security settings, ensuring there aren’t any gaps in your companies security protocols e.g. do past employees still have access to Eloqua?

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2020 Strategic Priorities 

While preparing for this months User Group I received my regular subscription from Which-50, an Australian-based media firm. Their article Strategic Transformation Requires Breaking Down Organisational Silos caught my attention. Specifically the list of Adapt’s Top 10 Strategic Priorities. Number 3 was “Architect a secure and resilient organisation”.

It was the “secure” part of the top 10 list that caught my attention. That’s how security became a theme for this month along with accessing Eloqua Insight to review  2019 Campaign performance.

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The name “Which-50” is based on a quote by American industrialist, John Wanamaker, who once famously said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

I did a bad job explaining the origin of the name “Which-50” during the webinar.

“The number one strategic priority for Australian businesses in 2020, identified in Adapt’s research, is earning customer loyalty.

Presenting the findings, Aparna Sundararajan, Senior Research Strategist at Adapt said trust, data security, and privacy will be defining factors for brands in the future. “Customers want connected, convenient and continuous experiences but not at the cost of their own privacy and that is what earning customer loyalty is going to be about in the future,” Sundararajan said.”

SOURCE: Which-50 “Strategic Transformation Requires Breaking Down Organisational Silos”

DISCLAIMER: Marketing Cube has no financial arrangement with Which-50, we just love their content.

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With a close review of past performance, you have a better chance of replicating future performance. Make time to analyse, review & optimise.

Eloqua provides you with a range of resources to help you review the past 12 months campaign performance, analyse the results and then optimise for the next period. Dashboards are a great place to start, they provide a quick view of campaign and asset performance.

I find the Campaign Analysis Overview report one of the best reports to help compare campaigns, locate the winners and identify those that need some optimisation. CLICK HERE to watch a quick video on how to run a report in Insight.

Eloqua Dashboards

With the objective to review 2019 campaigns, begin your review with the Campaign Analysis Overview. Adjust the Date Range to suit for the period you want to review.

Adjust Campaign Fields as needed and focus on Total Inbound Activity, this is your audience engaging with your content i.e. click-through, forms submissions etc. Look for standout performance as well as under performing assets.

Oracle Eloqua Insight Analytics

Insight enables you to take your analysis to the next level of detail. The Campaign Analysis Overview report shows a comprehensive overview of campaign activity and performance. Since you can include multiple campaigns in the report, you can use this report to compare the performance of campaigns. You can also use this report to see how many campaign members there are, how many emails were sent as part of the campaign, and the overall performance of emails that are a part of the campaign.

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For the purpose of this webinar, we’ve approached security from both your perspective as an Eloqua user & from the perspective of how your customers perceive your security.

Eloqua provides you with a range of way you can manage your data security, from who has access to data, who can export data but you also need to consider security from your audiences’ point of view.

You can read further via the buttons below about various Eloqua security settings.

“Trust, data security and privacy will be defining factors for brands in the future.” 

– Aparna Sundararajan, Senior Research Strategist at Adapt.

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Eloqua Release 19D, the final release for 2019, contains a number of enhancements. From a security point of view, you now have greater control over your SSL certificates, reducing the need to contact My Oracle Support.

Highlights from Release 19D are listed below.

  • New Best Practice Templates: Hit the ground running with a variety of new templates to choose from. Be sure you save-as any existing Best Practice templates if you want to keep them beyond Release 19D.
  • SSL Enhancements: Securing your branded application and image domains is now available.
  • Segment warning if your Segment hasn’t been refreshed within the past 24 hours.
    Cookie Lifespan has been reduced to 13 months to support GDPR compliance.

Heads up – make sure you’re up to date on Form enhancements:

  • After release 20A (due February 2020), all new forms will be created using the Responsive/Design Form Editor.
  • Editing aspects of existing Classic forms will not change.
  • You will not be able to “copy” Classic Forms after Release 20A
    Should you “Save-As” a Classic Form, Eloqua will convert that form to the new Responsive/Design Form.

*Login and password required.