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This month we went back to the basics and walked users through the Eloqua Email Editors. Eloqua customers can build in HTML with the Source Editor if they choose, or the drag-and-drop Design Editor.

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Do you need assistance with your Oracle Marketing Cloud campaigns?

Eloqua Email Editors 101

Since 2007, the team at Marketing Cube has been supporting Eloqua customers with a wide range of Technical Design & Support Services as well as Marketing Automation Strategic Services.

The user group this month has come about after looking at the volume of Service Requests and specifically the type of Service Requests. No surprises I suppose that Email was the #1 topic. 

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It’s great to have options & Eloqua provides you with two editors to build your emails & Landing Pages.

This User Group focussed on the Eloqua Email Editors, however much of what was discussed about these editors is applicable to the Landing Pages editors as well. If you’re new to Eloqua, the two screenshots below help you determine which editor you’re using.

Email Source Editor

  • Create an email from scratch with HTML in Eloqua or,
  • Build the email externally to Eloqua and upload a ZIP file to Eloqua.

Email Design Editor

  • Drag & drop functionality.
  • You can add snippets of HTML code if you like.
  • Default editor produces responsive emails.
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What questions have our Eloqua customers had about the Email Editors?

We reviewed all Service Requests for the past 90 days and were able to group them into the following groups:

  • Too much white space around Dynamic Content: This was quite a specific example. The problem was the client had Dynamic Content that had an option to display nothing if the Contact didn’t meet the criteria. A common use-case for Dynamic Content. The problem was they’d added padding outside the Dynamic Content, using the Email Editor, which meant the email displayed a large gap. The solution is to add padding to the Dynamic Content.
  • How do you “Add to Calendar” in Eloqua? All you need to do is add a .ICS file to the File Storage are of the Component Library. Eloqua sees the .ICS file in the same way it does .PDF or .XLSX etc. You can add the .ICS file to a button or copy as a hyperlink. Simple.
  • Help with HTML code, generally using the Source Editor. Most enquires related to the rendering of emails in Microsoft Outlook – the bane of all email marketers. Visit the Eloqua Help Centre – HTML Email Code Requirements for more details.
  • Campaign Reporting – Insight Details: You will find a range of resources in the Eloqua Help Centre that provides significant detail to help you understand exactly what the Insight report is telling you.
  • Click here to view the more common reports. Then click through on the report you’re interested in and you will find the detail you need so you know what you’re looking at.
  • Campaign Reporting – Insight: Sometimes the challenge with analytics is knowing what you’re actually looking at and knowing what the data is telling you. Visit our Insight Resource Page to discover a range of ways to help you get more out of understanding your data.
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You really need to watch the replay to see these tips and use-cases.

During the webinar, we walked through various aspects of the Design Editor explaining how they function and provided examples of how you could use different aspects of the editor. You can also view a video in the Eloqua Help Centre which provides a brief introduction. 

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Due 15th* November, Eloqua Release 19D brings a range of new & enhanced features.

*Eloqua customers on POD 1, 2 & 7 will go to Release 19D on the 15th November (Saturday 26th November 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm AEDT). PODS 3, 4 & 6 will go to Release 19D 22nd November.

  • New Best Practice Templates: Hit the ground running with a variety of new templates to choose from. Be sure you save-as any existing Best Practice templates if you want to keep them beyond Release 19D.
  • SSL Enhancements: Securing your branded application and image domains is now available.
  • Segment warning if your Segment hasn’t been refreshed within the past 24 hours.
  • Cookie Lifespan has been reduced to 13 months to support GDPR compliance.
  • After release 20A, all new forms will be created using the Responsive/Design Form Editor.
  • Editing aspects of existing Classic forms will not change.
  • You will not be able to “copy” Classic Forms after Release 20A
    Should you “Save-As” a Classic Form, Eloqua will convert that form to the new Responsive/Design Form.

*Login and password required.