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It’s generally the case that apps are only helpful when there’s a business problem. However if you’re aware of what’s available when the business problem arises, you can think outside the box!

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Apps help you automate more and streamline your Customer Experience.

Apps and Eloqua are a lot like Apps and your iPhone. They extend the functionality of your application, in this case, Eloqua. Like your smartphone apps, some are free and some are paid for. This month we look at two free apps. One from LinkedIn and the other from ZOOM webinars. We also take a look at Motiva AI and their very cool app that we see gaining more traction amongst our AsiaPac clients.

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How apps work and what you can expect.

When you add an App to Eloqua, there is a range of ways it can impact your campaigns. Essentially the apps will perform one or more of four specific functions. Those four functions are listed below.

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Action services

When contacts flow in to an action service, Oracle Eloqua calls out the external system to tell it to perform the action.

For example, the Salesforce.com Campaign Association action service lets you associate a contact to a Salesforce campaign directly from the campaign canvas.

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Decision services

AppCloud decision services delegate decision-making to an external system: instead of needing to bring the external system\’s data into Oracle Eloqua to make the decision, decision services call the external system, which returns yes or no for each client, routing them into the next stages of the campaign.

For example, the ZOOM integration has decision services that calls out to ZOOM to check if a contact is registered for a meeting.

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Audience services

AppCloud audience services act much like a segment created in Oracle Eloqua, only contacts are fed directly into the campaign from an external system.

When the contacts are fed into the campaign, they are also stored in Oracle Eloqua, so this saves a step.

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Content services

In the email and landing page editors, AppCloud content services let marketers include content from external systems in their assets.

Other content services provide easy ways for marketers to include links to other systems.

For example, the Social Sharing content service for landing pages adds a series of buttons that visitors can use to share the content on their social networks.

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We chose three apps, each with a different type of function.

There are many apps we could choose to focus on, the reason we chose these three is that we either have clients using them or we use them ourself. The LinkedIn Campaign Manager app has proven to be very popular with clients. Motiva AI is used by a few of our client and they\’ve seen distinct improvements on aspects of their overall campaign performance. We use ZOOM, the webinar platform for our monthly user group and other lead generation style webinars. 

LinkedIn campaign manager

LinkedIn Campaign Manager enables marketers to raise awareness with native ads, build relationships and drive better lead generation efforts through the world’s professional feed.

Leveraging the Campaign Manager app for LinkedIn, marketers are able to retarget a specific set of Oracle Eloqua contacts with digital advertisements on LinkedIn.

The fact that you no longer have to login to LinkedIn and download a .CSV file and then manually upload them to Eloqua makes this app very attratctive to Eloqua customers.

Motiva AI Cloud

Motiva AI gives your marketing team superpowers. Motiva AI learns to adapt your messaging to customers automatically and delivers better engagement, at any scale.  Improve response rates 10-30% or more.


Define an audience and any number of variations of messaging, and Motiva AI executes your best campaign for you.


Motiva AI learns by listening deeply to your customers and understanding what moves them.


Motiva AI organically adapts campaign strategy based on customer behaviours for the best possible results – on its own.

ZOOM webinar app

The Oracle Eloqua’s Zoom integration makes it easy for you to register contacts for Zoom Webinar as part of your campaigns and lets you make decisions based on attendance or registration without needing to bring your Zoom data into Oracle Eloqua.

With the Zoom-Oracle Eloqua integration, all the Zoom webinar registrants and attendees will show up in Oracle Eloqua without having to manually import them. You can trigger custom actions based on whether the contacts are registered or whether they attended the webinar. In addition, this integration enables Zoom to pull the contacts from Oracle Eloqua and automatically register them for a webinar. 

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There are a range of more common apps we see Eloqua customers using.

There are 20+ apps developed by Oracle Labs and Oracle Partners at no charge that help you in a range of ways. When we implement Eloqua for a new customer, we will typically pre-load a range of apps for them based on this list of the more common apps we see used.

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Release 19C is due in mid-August 2019 and contains a range of enhancements.

This release sees enhancements to the Salesforce CRM App – speed being the big plus along with deeper integration options. In-App Guidance is extended beyond the Email and Landing Page editors to now include the Campaign Canvas and Form Design Editor.

Read further below for more details and watch the replay to keep up to date.

Oracle Eloqua 19C Release Highlights

  • In-App Guidance: Putting help at your fingertips, we\’ve now added the new help panel into the Forms and Campaign Canvas areas of the platform.
  • Editors: CSS automatically renders in email and landing page editors, and you can now review hyperlinks without having to check each individual link.
  • Email Search Enhancements: Easier to find emails through search enhancements, including via subject lines.
  • Salesforce Integration App: Lots of enhancement for our new, lightning-fast Salesforce Integration app for Eloqua
  • Controlled Availability – Infinity Action Center Feeder: Automate and trigger actions in Eloqua using Infinity collected data (requires an Infinity Streams license)

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