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In the world of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), innovation is the name of the game. Equally critical is the speed at which products like Eloqua and Responsys can roll out updates that impact how marketers design, build and execute campaigns. 

At a recent off-site planning meeting, we took a moment to look back over the past 12 months and review all of the functional updates to Eloqua. There are many. We’ve summarised below what we see as the highlights.

Recent enhancements to Eloqua

  1. New Email Editor delivering responsive emails with no need for HTML.
  2. New Landing Page Editor delivering responsive landing pages with no need for HTML.
  3. Audit Log allowing greater insight to changes, edits and user activity across Eloqua.
  4. Easily sort Segment filters making it easier to understand the logic of your audience.
  5. In-App Guidance putting help at your fingertips, you can now access recommended help resources right within the platform starting with Eloqua’s email and landing page Design editors.
  6. Enhancements to the integration options available for CRM customers using Eloqua.

Constant Research & Development

In the 2018 financial year, research and development spending at Oracle amounted to 6.1 billion U.S. dollars. While Oracle Marketing Cloud is just a small part of that entire budget, it’s great knowing that a commitment to R&D is built into the DNA of Oracle and it’s backed by solid investment.

Rumours of what’s coming in 2019/20

  1. We expect changes to the Dynamic & Shared Content editors to match the experience you have with the drag and drop Email Editor.
  2. Additional apps helping deliver social marketing campaigns from within Eloqua directly to your social properties.
  3. In-App Guidance to be extended to additional areas of Eloqua e.g. Forms, Segments etc.
  4. Improved Template Management. We understand the Form and Campaign Canvas editors will receive an update to enable to you manage templates much like you manage email and landing page templates.
  5. Send Time Optimisation. This function is currently in use by Oracle Responsys clients and is in Controlled Availability for Oracle Eloqua Customers. Initial results have been outstanding. Oracle Responsys client Dymocks Australia provides an overview of their success here.

If you’re an Eloqua customer, these details will be helpful.


Starting in May 2019, you will not be able to create new assets using the Classic Email and Classic Landing Page Design editors. Existing assets will be editable.

As of August 2019, all legacy assets will be view-only and not editable. 

The new Design Editors

It’s easy to create rich, responsive emails using the new Design Editor. The redesigned user interface lets you focus on building personalised, visually appealing content without wrestling with frameworks or HTML code. Using the new Design Editor you can create the refined and marketable emails that are the building blocks to a successful campaign.

Are you certain which editor you’re using?

If you’ve been an Eloqua User for some time, you will be familiar with the retired Landing Page and Email Design Editors. If you’re unsure which editor you’re using, click below to have a closer look at the editor interface.

New Design Editors 

New Eloqua Landing Page Design Editor

New Eloqua Email Design Editor

Legacy Design Editors 

Retired Eloqua Landing Page Design Editor

Retired Eloqua Email Design Editor

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