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A key step to Sales & Marketing Alignment is communication. Today’s marketer is moving at a considerable pace with some campaigns conceived at 8 am and live by 10 am. Eloqua provides two Sales Tools to help Marketing ensure Sales are on message with access to the right assets.

20190226 Agenda FEB Eloqua User Group

Making a difference today

This user group replay will walk you through a few easy changes you can make to get more from Eloqua and ways to improve your engagement with the sales team through tools like Eloqua Profiler and Eloqua Engage.

Additional tips to help you move faster with the new Email Design Editor.

Since the arrival of the Email Design Editor in the second half of 2018, we’ve seen our customers make significant improvements around the speed in which they can build emails for their campaigns. 

This month we covered off a few additional tips from our May 2018 User Group webinar where we introduced the new editor to members.

Don’t miss what is right in front of you.

You already have mountains of data to examine and review in Eloqua. If you have your CRM integrated with Eloqua, you have even more data to review. If you’re still uploading excel spreadsheets with fixed numbers of people based only on profile data, you’re missing the big picture.

Insight provides many reports to help you analyse your campaign and asset performance. You can also use Segments to uncover behaviour that you might have otherwise missed. If you’re unsure at what the reports are telling you, the best place to start is the Eloqua Help Centre, we’ve provided some links below to get you started.

Eloqua Sales Tools: Profiler & Engage

Oracle Eloqua’s Sales Tools extend Eloqua’s functionality to support the sales effort, like Oracle Eloqua supports the marketing effort. Engage helps you create consistent on-brand emails and Profiler provides an at-a-glance summary of each contact’s activities over the last months.

Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Google Chrome is an extension which allows you to leverage Profiler and Engage features in an easy to access pop-up in your Chrome browser.

Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that provides easy access to both Profiler and Engage through Outlook’s email composer.

20190226 Updates FEB Eloqua User Group

Oracle Eloqua Release 19A Highlights

Updates to all PODS took place over the 15th & 16th February 2019.

  • New Responsive Form Editor – will be generally available right away with the arrival of the 19A Release!
  • Recommended Apps – Easier to discover Oracle recommended apps directly within Eloqua.
  • Agent Export Limit Increase – within Eloqua Insight you’ll now be able to export 200,000 rows with Agent Exports.
  • Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook – now supported for 32/64 bit versions of Outlook 2019 for Windows.

You will need to login to Topliners once you click on the Release Centre button below.