When the extended Christmas & New Year period arrives, team members are out of town and consideration needs to be given to ensure SLA’s are met and there’s no gap in your Customer Experience (CX).

For ten plus years we’ve worked with many clients using Eloqua, providing support, advice and consulting services. We’ve pooled some of the lessons we’ve learnt and observed over this period.


Check your form integrations.

In most cases, your forms will come with promises and/or commitments. Generally, those promises are time-bound e.g. “You’ll hear from a member of our team within 24 hours”.

Really? Are you sure that person is even in the country? Are they on leave over the Christmas new year period?

Look at either swapping out the assets with a more holiday-friendly version or redirecting visitors to more general pages of the website.

Be careful editing a live asset v’s swapping it out with a holiday-friendly version. Either way, make a diary note to ensure these assets are reset in January.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Review your forms and specifically the time-bound promises made to people as they submit those forms. Don’t forget to review the email copy of any emails that are sent via a Form Processing step.


Your Lead Nurturing campaign.

There’s every chance your lead nurturing campaign will simply roll along as planned over the holiday period, however, you need to think through who will be there to open, read and click-through on your content.

Nurturing campaigns, regardless of the content i.e. lead, on-boarding, education etc are primarily designed to have your brand and your content in front of a captive audience.

Over the Summer period, many people will take extended breaks and while they may still have access to work emails, their attention to the content may be diminished.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Think through which of your nurturing campaigns could be de-activated for a few weeks v’s those that should remain in play.


What’s happening in January?

Within the Australian and New Zealand markets, we see people returning to work as early as the first working Monday in January. However, some Australian’s don’t return until after Australia Day, towards the end of January.

Where possible, think through your campaign calendar as far ahead as March 2019. Events can require up to a six week lead time if you’re trying to get a C-Level audience to attend.

Most agencies will have limited staff available during the Christmas and new year period. If you’re dealing with Australian or New Zealand agencies from overseas, be aware that many companies will close their doors Christmas Eve – 24th December and will not reopen until the closest working day following new years day 2019.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Once you review your campaign calendar for the January – March 2019 quarter, consider getting “save-the-date” emails out to key contacts before the 2018 Christmas break.


Cultural Sensitivity

Across your customer base, it’s likely you will have a cross range of people from various cultures and backgrounds. How you choose to communicate is up to you. However, holiday communications from our point of view are essentially designed to keep our customers up to date with our opening hours and SLA’s during the same period.

If you’re creative, these public holiday messages can be a lot of fun. Cool video’s or a fun infographic could be one way to get a message across or to just generally say thank you to your customers.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Think through creative and inclusive ways to inform customers and others about your trading hours, provide them with specific phone numbers, emails or forms that will help them get the fastest response possible during the holiday period.


Let’s automate more, now & save time.

Users of Marketing Automation platforms like Eloqua can sometimes overlook the easiest wins. One of the easiest wins is public holiday/office closure emails. 

At Marketing Cube, we build all of the office closure emails in December/January and set them up with future launch dates. This gives you some time to think through some fun aspect to each one and most importantly you won’t forget to keep your customers informed.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Plan now for the 2019 year and determine the campaigns you will need to ensure all customers are informed of any public holiday office closures. Aim to have these campaigns completed and activated by the end of January.