Modern Marketing for Membership-based Associations

UPDATE: This webinar was delivered on 25th October 2018.

If we consider we’re living in a Digital Revolution, we can probably draw the conclusion that the “rebels” have won, and are governing. The revolution is over and those of us serving the “people” have a new rule book.

Membership based organisations, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, have a challenge to remain relevant in the eyes of members and to constantly deliver value. When we add a digital layer to the membership lifecycle, there are some quick wins that associations can take advantage of.

Selecting the right technology

The underlying platforms you have in place to manage memberships is critical. Three by five cards or excel spreadsheets don’t cut it, you must have a CRM – preferably not a home-grown solution sitting in the office, but a cloud-based solution.

Both and Oracle and provide comprehensive cloud-based CRM solutions that can be tailored for your organisation’s needs. The Oracle suite of CX (Customer Experience) Cloud-Based solutions is arguably richer than, however it all comes down to the needs of your association. For not-for-profit associations with DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status, offer a targeted solution.

A good CRM will provide all of the key capabilities you need to manage membership relationships and the various groups your association interacts with e.g. vendors, lobby groups, government contacts etc. When professionally implemented by certified practitioners, the CRM will become the heart of your membership management system.

Once you know your audience, it’s time to engage

In the context of the term “Modern Marketing”, we’re describing a process that enables marketers to Segment their audience and deliver a far richer level of personalisation than they are today. This should be achievable without numerous excel spreadsheets or complex SQL queries across various databases!

If your association doesn’t have a CRM, you can still embark on a journey to Modern Marketing with a Marketing Automation platform helping your association realise the benefits it can deliver

Either way, it’s about understanding the profile and preferences of your members, honouring those preferences and then engaging with them based on what you “know”, not on what you “think” you know.

What are some quick-wins your association can achieve?

  • Automated on-boarding or welcome campaigns,
  • Automation of the membership renewal process, directly impacting the associations revenue,
  • Smarter cross-channel marketing based on richer segmentation
  • Segmentation can be done in-house, potentially enabling substantial savings per campaign.

And this is just the beginning.