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When you focus on your customers and their interactions with your brand, you begin to think differently about how each of those interactions takes place. This month we looked at ways to use the Eloqua Campaign Canvas to support your objective to provide a unique CX.

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You ask the questions.

For the last few months, we’ve provided User Group members with the chance to submit specific questions as they register. This month those questions related to:

  1. Can I do A/B testing on the Campaign Canvas?
  2. How can I avoid deactivating the Campaign Canvas if I need to make changes to assets i.e. emails, landing pages or if I need to remove a campaign member?
  3. Can I integrate Cisco WebEx on the Campaign Canvas?

Each of these responses are covered at the start of the webinar replay.

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Sometimes, despite the best efforts of the Eloqua users in your team, campaign assets are not always ready at the same time. This means you need to get invitations out for an event, however, the artwork, copy etc is not ready for the reminder emails due to be sent two weeks before the event.

We walked through the process of joining multiple Campaign Canvases together, automatically moving all campaign members from one canvas to the other. It’s a simple process and is explored in more detail in the webinar replay.

The two Action Steps, “Add to Campaign” and “Move to Campaign” deliver a slightly different experience. “Add to Campaign” means the Contact remains in the campaign and is added to another campaign. “Move to Campaign” removes the contact from the current campaign and “moves” them to another Campaign Canvas.

The key thing to remember is that you cannot activate a Campaign Canvas until all of your assets are in place. So, if you’re in a position where the ‘business’ can’t quite get themselves organised and will be ‘drip-feeding’ you with content in the lead up to your e.g. event, the following will help.

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Eloqua helps you work with two types of dates, from a data point of view. You can access and action steps based on fixed dates stored on the Contact i.e. “Contract Expiry Date” or perhaps “Membership Expiry Date”. The other is “today’s date”, the date a person reaches certain steps within a campaign.

Date Decision App

Oracle Eloqua’s Date app allows you to flow contacts down the correct path in a campaign or program based on a date. The app helps to address use cases like the ability to send out a contract renewal notification three months prior to contract end date or reminding registrants leading up to an event based on a specific event date. You can also write the results of date operations to contact records, for use in your campaigns and programs.

Compare Date

This Campaign Canvas Decision Element allows you to evaluate and route contacts on, before, or after a specific date, or during a period between two specified dates.

IMPORTANT: This decision step is not affected by any dates in a contact field or custom object field. This is in direct contrast to the way the Date Decision App behaves.

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The addition of Apps to your instance of Eloqua can be extremely helpful. In many cases, these apps are free, even for paid services like Zoom, ReadyTalk and GoToWebinar. In this section of the webinar, we’ve shared with you some of the more common Apps we use and that we’ve seen our clients use.

You can view all available Apps at the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, just be sure to navigate to the Oracle Marketing Cloud area of the marketplace. Once you’re there you can use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to sort on a range of variables e.g. Free or Paid, Eloqua or Responsys and more.

Most of the apps listed above are used on the Campaign Canvas, with the exception of “Social Sharing” and “YouTube“. These two apps are used with the Email and Landing Page Editor. The “Oracle Eloqua Engage for Microsoft Outlook” App is part of the Sales Tools range of Apps.

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Steven Covey said it best, “begin with the end in mind”. Once you have clarity around the metrics you need to measure, Insight can help. Or, if you’re not sure what those metrics should be, review a range of best reports. You have 200+ default reports available to help you target specific aspects of campaigns. Reports can be manipulated in Eloqua or easily exported for manipulation in a range of 3rd party applications.

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Adding notes to your Campaign & Program Canvas is helpful in a range of ways. Even if you’re a team of one or two, or if you’re collaborating across a geographically dispersed area, Canvas Notes can help you get the team on the same page.

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At the end of each session, we review release details for Eloqua. This month, details for 18D had not been released. Due in November, 18D will see enhancements to the Controlled Availability version of the new Landing Page Design Editor. Beyond that, we’ve shared some details of other updates we’ve heard about and some rumours of new functionality coming in 2019. You’ll need to watch the replay to learn about these.