In this Eloqua User Group, we turned the entire webinar over to attendees & they asked the questions, and we provided answers

July Eloqua User Group Webinar.

This Eloqua User Group was all about our members. It was your opportunity to ask the questions you always wondered about or to seek clarification on specific functional aspects of Eloqua that you were not sure about. 

Answers to your questions

There were far too many questions to answer in our one-hour time slot, however, there was some duplication in the type of questions and in some cases, the same questions were asked by multiple people.

The chart below gives you a breakdown, by subject groups, of the type of questions people submitted to our Customer Success team.

Given the volume of questions around the Form Editor and the Campaign Canvas, we’ll work these into future Eloqua User Group webinars.

Automate more with the Eloqua Form Design Editor

Forms have the ability to provide you with a huge amount of functionality, in many ways Forms are the unsung hero of Marketing Automation.

Eloqua Form Editor Questions

Solving Marketing Automation puzzles you ask the questions

We’ve provided some initial responses below, however, it’s not feasible in this blog post to capture complete, detailed responses.

QUESTION: How do we get form submissions (not email replies) to go directly to Account Owners? Please go through non-CRM sync and CRM sync examples. e.g. Form Submit App vs. Create Lead with Integration

ANSWER: The key to making this process accurate and truly automated is to ensure the source of truth is the CRM. Trying to maintain the accuracy of CRM Account Ownership via excel uploads to Eloqua is cumbersome, in that changes to Account Ownership can happen in the CRM at any time and would only be reflected in Eloqua when you upload CRM account data to Eloqua. In response to the question, non-CRM sync is generally not practical. Via a CRM sync, you need to follow instructions via Signature Rules.

QUESTION: Can Eloqua forms be integrated into non-Eloqua Landing Pages?

ANSWER: Yes, this is Eloqua 101 and is generally completed during your initial implementation, usually with the Contact Us form on your website.

QUESTION: Currently, we use a unique form to register for each piece of downloadable content. Is there a way we can simplify this (as we have hundreds of reports)?

ANSWER: Yes. You can create a single form and use it across multiple landing pages to access different content. Our Agency Services team can assist you in the creation of this form.

QUESTION: I have a question about the processing steps. In the case of form creation, after designing the form, the processing steps are fixed. Is there any way of releasing fixation and changing the order?”

ANSWER: Form processing steps can be changed once a form is ACTIVE i.e. part of an active campaign. Eloqua will provide you with a warning when you save the form following any changes if it is part of an ACTIVE campaign.

QUESTION: What’s the best way to add T&Cs link or text to an Eloqua form? Ideally, like a dropdown before a submit button 🙂

ANSWER: With the arrival of the GDPR, more companies are seeing this as a business-critical part of their opt-in process. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. The most basic solution is a Single Check-Box on the form. Using Form Processing Steps you can restrict the person\’s ability to submit the form unless the check-box is ticked.

Do you have questions about any of the points presented in this blog post?

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Design unique Customer Experiences with the Eloqua Campaign Canvas.

The campaign canvas is at the heart of your digital CX design and campaign execution within Eloqua. The Canvas provides a visual way to represent the experience you\’re delivering to your prospects and customers.

Eloqua Campaign Canvas Questions

ELOQUA Campaign Hoime Page

We’ve provided some initial responses below, however, it’s not feasible in this blog post to capture complete, detailed responses.

QUESTION: Why can’t we add notes to the Campaign Canvas? That is, annotate the canvas to help others understand what has been built.

ANSWER: You will be able to do this once the 18C August 2018 release arrives. This has been something Eloqua customers have been asking for and Eloqua has delivered.

QUESTION: Comments on canvases, peer review/sign-off.

ANSWER: Similar to the question above, Release 18C will deliver a solution. However, the addition of a “Sign-off” capability is a little different. Campaign Approvals is a standard feature for Eloqua customers on the Standard or Enterprise product trim. Contact your Eloqua Administrator or Marketing Cube Account Director for details if you’re unsure about your Eloqua trim/version.

QUESTION: How do I direct people in a campaign canvas based on WHAT they clicked on and not just that they clicked on something?

ANSWER: Using Shared Filters on the Campaign Canvas will enable you to guide Contacts on the Canvas based on WHAT they clicked on, not simply based on the act is simply clicking on any link. 

QUESTION: Can we add a ‘Wait’ step to the beginning of a multistep campaign?

ANSWER: Generally you would start a Campaign Canvas with a Segment of some type. I think what is being asked here is could you go from a Segment > Wait Step > Send Email. The answer is yes.

QUESTION: Time warps or Send Time Optimize (STO) sends.

ANSWER: As of August 2018, this function is not available via native Eloqua. The function is well used by the Oracle Responsys user community. We have been advised that Oracle has this function on the roadmap for Eloqua. We have no dates at this stage.

QUESTION: What’s the best way to start using nurturing campaigns?

ANSWER: Click here to read an earlier Blog Post on Lead Nurturing.

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