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Outstanding Contact Management will be the difference between an ok, or an outstanding campaign. This month we walked through three key areas to help ensure your Contact data is as accurate as possible and provide tips to maintain data quality.


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The state of your Contact data is critical delivering a unique CX

It’s critical to understand a few key points in relation to Contact data in Eloqua.

  1. What is the source of truth for your Contact data? e.g. is it the CRM, Eloqua or even an ERP system? 
  2. When a new Contact enters Eloqua via an Eloqua Form submission, what is the process for that Contact to reach the e.g. CRM?

It’s possible that the CRM may be the source of truth for some data and Eloqua the source of truth for other data. A best practice approach is to use Eloqua as the source of truth for Contact behavioural data i.e. Digital Body Language.

The CRM is usually the source of truth of account data i.e. company names, industry details, geography and your products and/or services linked to the Account, not necessarily to the Contact.

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Smart Forms deliver a better CX

Much of the automation people are looking for in a Marketing Automation platform like Eloqua can be delivered via the Form, specifically the Form Processing Steps.

Eloqua Forms allow you to set “Conditions” for when they run. Form Conditions are executed based on existing Contact, Account or Custom Data Object values or by the values the person submits in the form.

It’s Form Processing Steps that enable you to push an Eloqua Contact to the CRM as a Lead, or if a Contact already exists in the CRM for the person in question, the details can be pushed to the CRM Contact. In both examples, Eloqua can create a Lead or Contact in the CRM based on the rules you apply.

EXAMPLE: The Salesforce web-to-lead function can be helpful, the only downside is it’s prone to creating duplicates. Using the Eloqua Form and Form Processing Steps provides a more intelligent link between your lead generation campaigns and Salesforce ensuring you don’t create duplicates and recent engagement is appended to an already existing CRM Lead or Contact.

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Eloqua is GDPR ready, are you?

Eloqua provides a great deal of flexibility around opt-in & subscription management. One of the key points covered in this part of the User Group was Eloqua’s ability to support GDPR requirements.

We appreciate that for some of our customers, those that do not have an entity within the EU, the general belief is the GDPR has no impact. While true at this stage, it’s the opinion of the team at Marketing Cube that broadly speaking, the framework that makes up the EU’s GDPR will spread to other countries over the coming years.

The GDPR provides the right for people to request all personally identifiable in a commonly available format. Eloqua users can capture data for storage on a Custom Data Object, making it easily retrievable. You can obtain this data from Eloqua in an Excel .csv file. 

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New Release Schedule

Release 18B arrives 18 & 19th May 2018, depending on where you are in the world. Starting with release 18B, updates to Eloqua will now take place every three months in place of every six weeks.

Oracle Eloqua Release Highlights

Email Design Editor enhancements:

  • Resize column widths
  • Send emails as plain-text with the new Email Design Editor
  • Write right to left

New Contact Database Health Dashboard:

  • Answer the question, who in my contact database can I reach and is actively engaged with my emails?

BlueKai Data Activation app is generally available. Create an integration between BlueKai and Eloqua.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is now available. We’re excited to announce a new integration between Eloqua Profiler and LinkedIn Sales Navigator which is now available for joint Eloqua and LinkedIn customers. Learn more.

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