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Marketing automation


Tailor your CX with these ‘must have‘ Campaigns

Once you’ve secured a Marketing Automation platform, it’s time to get busy and build out a few core campaigns and begin to tailor your CX.

In this blog post, we’ve provided some guidance on the basic campaigns we’ve seen our customers launch since 2007.

Start with the obvious one, integration of website forms

Contact Us

Taking your Contact Us form and using marketing automation to deliver the best possible CX is marketing automation 101, it’s the basics. This is something we do for all new clients during their implementation.

Where possible, use single select drop-down lists to capture the nature of a person’s enquiry, this will enable you to deliver a more personalised experience while gathering data you can use.

Blog Subscriptions

Many organisations find the blog subscription a great way to engage with people who are genuinely interested in what you do.

In place of capturing these subscriptions in your website platform e.g. WordPress, Sitecore etc., have them complete an Eloqua form and capture the details you need.

Lead management

Lead Generation

Modern Marketers understand the need for consistent experiences. Marketing Automation provides you with the ability to begin a conversation and from a lead generation point of view, personalise that conversation very early in the process.

Lead generation may start across social properties e.g. Linkedin or Facebook or from the efforts of the sales team. Your sources will vary, however, they can all be directed to your marketing automation platform to enhance the profile data you have on them and then move them into a Lead Nurturing Campaign once you know who they are. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Oracle CX Marketing provide a range of tools to help you.

The LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms app and the  Facebook Lead Ads app deliver form submission data from these two 3rd party platforms directly into Eloqua onto the Campaign Canvas. From there, it’s up to you what you do next. Salesforce Account Engagement Cloud has similar functionality.

The other common source to lead generation can be from banner ads or a range of online ads. The click-through from those ads should direct people to your marketing automation Landing Page, not your website.

The landing page allows you to narrow the focus of the contact, the only way they can progress from the landing page is to submit the form.

Lead Nurturing

An audience for your Lead Nurturing campaign can come from a range of sources. The most common would be:

  1. Contacts from the CRM where an Opportunity was “Closed/Lost”.
  2. Contacts who have downloaded a white paper or other content piece. Use the ADD TO CAMPAIGN Form Processing step in Eloqua to add them to your lead nurturing campaign.

Lead nurturing campaigns should be more than one email. They should cover an extended period with the key objective to gather as much profile data as possible along the way.

You do this through offering content where contacts need to complete a form in order to obtain that content. Progressive Profiling is best used in these types of campaigns. 

Progressive Profiling means you build a form with as many questions as your sales people need in order to call the “Lead” a “Marketing Qualified Lead”. You may have 20+ questions, however using progressive profiling you only ask 2-3 of those questions as a time.

Onboarding campaigns

The same but different

The idea of onboarding generally relates to new customers or even new staff. Your HR colleagues would probably love the idea of automating a campaign to welcome new staff. I’ll leave you to share that with them.

Back to your new customers…

It’s likely that when you have new customers come on board, you have a range of topics you need to share with them. The process of educating new customers will be essentially the same regardless of your industry or your primary focus i.e. B2B, B2C, B2B2C etc.

From a marketing automation point of view, the CX design will be very similar to the design used for your nurturing campaigns. It’s your content that will make the difference.

Using a marketing automation tracking script will help you determine what new customers have or have not done on your website. If you have a portal that they need to access, you can use the same tracking script to see if they’ve ever visited the login page. You can then modify your content to encourage them to log in to the portal. 

Personalise Experiences & Increase Conversions & Accelerate Sales

Marketing Automation is much more than “email marketing”. Integration of various digital assets, including social, improves your CX by delivering the right content to prospects and customers when they need it.

In Summary

While the details above spell out a rage of suggestions with tips for Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua users, the principles we’ve outlined apply to anyone using a Marketing Automation platform.

If you’re still behaving like an “email marketer” and not a Modern Marketer, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your Marketing Automation platform.

The team at Marketing Cube provide a range of services from implementation of Oracle CX Marketing & Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions through to a range of agency services to help you on your journey to Modern Marketing.

Photo by christian erra on Unsplash