Emotional experiences driving customer loyalty.

But Which Emotions make for the best experiences?

Recognising customers as individuals with preferences and responding at the right time and in the moment requires a smarter approach that is personalised, seamless and immediate – and also results in an emotionally positive experience.  

 “Best-in-class brands average 17 emotionally positive experiences for every negative experience, while the lowest-performing brands provided only two emotionally positive experiences for each negative one”, says Forrester in its 2017 Customer experience index.

Drawing on Forrester insights, find out how established firms have successfully overcome these challenges and designed their organisations around emotion-led customer-centricity.

You will learn

  • What techniques and tools are being used
  • How organisations start then accelerate progress
  • And what instils loyalty in the customers of today and of the future
  • The SmarterCX technologies enabling emotional experiences