As part of the effort to ensure we have safe data coming in and out of Eloqua, we are working to narrow the list of domains that can be entered into the application by users.

With the arrival of Eloqua Release 486, we introduced a Domain Whitelist, which allows customers to specify which domains their Eloqua instance they consider safe. The Domain Whitelist is found within the Security Admin area of the application and will is accessible to Customer Administrators.

Reminder: All Customer Admins are required to create whitelist of domains their Eloqua users are permitted to use as part of the application, e.g. creating forms, before the implementation of a restriction to only allow domains which are considered safe on Sept 3, 2017 EST (USA).

Additional Information

Categories of Domain White Listing Explained

Web Crawler: This is in the website setup/tracking section and is used to crawl your website to view pages that exist on your domain.

An example of this would be if we crawled then we would get:

This helps because it shows you all your current pages from that specific domain and where you should place your tracking scripts.

Note: This is more beneficial when first setting up Eloqua instance and not for older instances.

Test Tracking Scripts: This is also in the website setup/tracking section and is used so that you can type in a domain and test to see if your tracking scripts are working or not. You need to whitelist any Domain before you try and test to see if tracking scripts are working on that specified page.

Note: This will not effect tracking scripts already deployed but if you are going to test pages in the future you will need to add these.

External Form Integration: This is done when you go to create a form and use the “Integrate External Form” option instead of the basic “Create Form”. If you are attempting to grab a form design from an external domain you need to whitelist that Domain so that you are able to connect.

Note: This is note the generally used way to create a form and will not impact any current forms.

Form Processing Redirect: Forms in Eloqua that are directing contacts to an external page after they have submitted the form. This is the big one that will most likely impact you.

You will need to whitelist all domains that you are redirecting people to after they submit a form if these pages are not Eloqua landing pages. This Category has an option to be disabled which may be handy if you are not certain of domains impacted.

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