Oracle Marketing Cloud is introducing a new standardised top navigation menu structure across all Oracle Marketing Cloud products, including Oracle Eloqua.

While the menu options remain identical in Oracle Eloqua, you’ll notice some visual changes to the menu across the top. You will also notice a new left side menu that pops out as well. These new Oracle Eloqua navigation menu changes arrive between Sept 19 – Oct 1, 2017. 

Release Dates

Eloqua release 491 (September 19 – October 1, 2017):

  • Oracle Eloqua navigation changes: Learn more by reviewing our product notice.
  • Wait step notification feature for campaigns and programs is now generally available.
  • Campaign end date notification feature is now generally available.
  • New Landing Page dashboard is now available.

Eloqua Apps release 238 (September 15, 2017):

Contact Washing Machine app enhancements: Add names to your steps.

Coming soon:

Engage reports: Monitor the performance of your top templates. Important: This feature has been postponed to a future release in 2017.

Not sure what your POD # is? It’s in your Eloqua URL, “p01” = POD 1.

OMC Eloqua Release 491 Dates Table
OMC Apps Release 238 Dates Table

A quick glimpse of the new navigation.