Eloqua Release 488 brings a number of excellent enhancements that deliver tangible and helpful functionality for the Eloqua end-user. We’ve explored each of the main enhancements below. 

Shared List and Shared Filter enhancements

View dependencies in shared lists and shared filters.

This screen shot shows a Shared List. The same functionality is also available on Shared Filters.

Once you click on VIEW DEPENDECIES you will see the pop up window below showing you where this Shared List is being used.

Why is this helpful?

Shared Lists are a great way to group common behaviour across a rage of contacts that in no other way, are similar. For example, you may have a range of white papers available for download on your website. You could add each contact to a single Shared List and also to a Shared List called “Website – All White Paper Downloads”.

You can then use these Shared Lists on the Campaign Canvas to include or exclude contacts based on their past engagement with you. i.e. you don’t want to invite a contact to access a white paper they’ve already downloaded.

Dashboards Enhancement

Customise which email groups appear within your Email Analysis dashboard.

For Eloqua users who may have many email groups e.g. several for each department, sometime you just want to see how your email groups are performing. Now you can easily select your email groups, or you may want to compare your departments newsletter with another department in your business or organisation.

Contact Washing Machine app

Test out your Contact Washing Machine app configuration before running it on  your campaign or program.

You can test your Contact Washing Machine app before running it on your campaign or program. This allows you to view the outcome of your configuration without updating contact data.

Just in case you missed it…

“In collaboration with LinkedIn, the Oracle Marketing Cloud Product team is excited to announce a new set of integrations with LinkedIn Campaign Manager that enables marketers to reach their ideal buyers on today’s largest professional network. 

The Oracle Marketing Cloud is the first Marketing Cloud Vendor to announce it’s strategic partnership with LinkedIn and delivers a brand new App for Oracle Eloqua that allows Modern Marketers to seamlessly work with LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Ready to learn more? Check out the Appcloud Marketplace Listing. “

SOURCE: Topliners

“LinkedIn Campaign Manager enables marketers to raise awareness with native ads, build relationships and drive better lead generation efforts through the world’s professional feed.

Leveraging the new LinkedIn Campaign Manager App for Oracle Eloqua, Marketers are able to capture and nurture new leads from LinkedIn and re-target individual buyers with relevant Digital Ads on LinkedIn. This achieved through a powerful combination of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Matched Audiences, delivered as a single App for Oracle Eloqua.”

SOURCE: Topliners

Capture and Nurture LinkedIn Generated Leads at Scale.

Marketers are able to convert unknown prospects into known buyers at scale leveraging LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

High-quality leads can be captured and funnelled directly into the right Oracle Eloqua Campaign, Providing marketers the ability to rapidly follow-up with relevant content while delivering a seamless user experience on LinkedIn.