We live in a world where data is exploding. It’s a world where businesses are born every day to disrupt established models and a world where artificial intelligence (AI) informs interactions.

So what is the common thread among the winners in this new world?

Winners know and believe that customer journeys are no longer linear or even cyclical. These brands deliver a modern customer experience at every touchpoint. Modern Customer Experience is now a sum total of digital, mobile, and in-store micro-moments. To thrive, companies will need to intelligently engage with customers on their terms to make every moment emotionally memorable.

It’s been a big couple of weeks in the Oracle Cloud world

Last week the Oracle Marketing Cloud Modern Customer Experience (previously Modern Marketing Experience) took place in Las Vegas and yesterday in Sydney Oracle hosted the Modern Business Experience #MBX event.

Managing Customer Experience in a Micro-Moment World

Of the many sessions I attended today, the one I got the most out of was “Managing Customer Experience in a Micro-Moment World”. Presented by Joe Fuster – Head of CX Cloud Oracle and Dr. Catriona Wallace – CX Futurist, Flamingo Customer Services Inc.

Fuster proposed that the discussions around big data need to move onto a more humanised approach to data and provided some great examples where “big data” alone, without the behavioural science, will never deliver a unique CX. Think #UnitedAirlines and their treatment of Dr. David Dao

Dao’s name appeared on a list of four people who the “big data” said had to come off the flight when no one volunteered. We have a long way to go to get AI where it can deliver an experience like West World theme park guests have with Dolores Abernathy.

However, the future is getting closer. See the CMO Magazine report below from the Modern Customer Experience event in Las Vegas.

Modern Customer Experience

#MCX2017 is an annual event held in Las Vegas, with follow up events held in major locations around the world. One of the highlights of MCX is the Markie Awards – Honouring Excellence in Marketing.

Jetstar Airways, an Oracle Responsys client, won a Markie for Best Email Marketing Campaign. Morningstar Inc., an Oracle Eloqua client won Best Lead Management Program.

“With speakers like Sir Robert Swan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jay Baer, and many other subject area experts and industry leaders, it’s safe to say that Modern Customer Experience lived up to it’s name.”

Luckily, what happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas these days…

CMO Magazine journalist, Nadia Cameron, travelled to Las Vegas to attend the Oracle Marketing Cloud Modern Marketing Experience. The following is an extract from her recent article.

We’ll have more information about these enhancements over the coming weeks or as it becomes available from Oracle.

A number of enhancements were also unveiled by Oracle during its Marketing Cloud keynote, including a new BlueKai cross-channel audience builder capability and responsive email designer linked to mobile push notifications, part of an ongoing series of mobile product advancements.

In its B2B Eloqua offering specifically, the vendor took the wrappers of its new Content portal, and said a new user designer interface is on its way.

For sales, Oracle is now providing Eloqua Engage and Profiler functionality directly in Outlook as a plug-in, better integrating the sales team’s email clients with marketing automation and campaign management.

AUTHOR: Nadia Cameron,