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With updates twice per quarter to the core Eloqua platform and hundreds of Apps, it’s difficult to stay on top of the changes and enhancements.

In this user group meeting we walked members through Topliners and the Release Centre to show you where you can find all the information you need.

How do you find information about updates to Eloqua?

Your primary source for updates to Eloqua and Eloqua Apps is Topliners. You will need an Oracle ID to access Topliners and specifically the Eloqua Release Centre.

You can click on the register link in the top right hand corner of the screen. See the screen shot below. Once you get to the home screen, click on the red button to the right.

Topliners BUtton Oracle Marketing Cloud Customers
Click on the image above for an enlarged view.

Which POD is your instance of Eloqua installed on?

Once you access the Release Information area (see the yellow star above) you can scroll down to see the Release Dates details as shown below. 

If you’re not sure which POD your instance of Eloqua is installed on, it’s easy enough to determine. Once you’ve logged into Eloqua, simply look at the URL in your browser:

Note the “p03” following “https://secure.”. In this example, the Eloqua instance is installed on POD 3.

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Other ways to access release information

While logged into Eloqua, you can access Topliners from the Useful Links area highlighted below to the right. The Release Center link takes you directly to Topliners. You can also access the Eloqua Help Centre where you will also find links to Topliners. 

Recent Eloqua Updates

Campaign Canvas enhancements

Eloqua release 487 (Apr 4-23, 2017): You can copy and paste campaign steps and they stay configured.

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New Dashboards

Release 486 will deliver two news dashboards, accessible from the Analytics  menu.

The two new dashboards are Overall Form Performance & Lead Scoring Model Comparison.

Form Pre-population in Core Eloqua Platform

YOu probably already use form pre-population for fields like First NameLast NameCompany Name etc. You are probably also aware that you can’t pre-populate a drop down single select picklist or a tick box. You can following release 486.

As of March 31, 2017, the Form Population App created by Oracle Eloqua will be deprecated and all existing instances of the app on your Eloqua landing pages will cease to function. As such, Oracle Eloqua is introducing several new ways to pre-populate form fields from directly within the Eloqua platform. To pre-populate your form fields, you can choose from the following new options:

Preference Center: Pre-populate form fields with checkboxes to present a contact’s current subscription status and allow them to update their preferences by selecting or deselecting that checkbox (can be used for individual email groups or global subscription management; see documentation for details). Availability: Now Available.“*

SOURCE: Eloqua Release Center