Over the past 12 months it’s likely you’ve developed a range of automated campaigns that are designed to run on a number of factors. These could be trigger based campaigns, they could be automated emails based on specific form submissions and more. Now is the time to review these assets and ensure they’re still relevant, on brand and don’t contain out of date information.

Some tips for your Marketing Automation annual review

As the calendar years draws to a close here in the southern hemisphere, most businesses are closed until mid January with customers and prospects possibly not back until after the 20th of January.

This gives marketers a chance to take stock of campaigns, do some planning and prep for the year ahead. For those running campaigns via a Marketing Automation platform like Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua or something similar, there are a few things you should do to prepare for the new year.

Tip 1: Review your active campaigns

Regardless of your platform, it’s critical to understand which of your campaigns are currently “in play” or, are active. Eloqua users access this information from the My Eloqua screen (see below) accessed from the Home menu. Here you can see the start date and end date of each campaign, you can see the number of contacts currently in these campaigns and quickly access reporting.

Eloqua users are able to access their Active Campaigns via the My Eloqua Screen. Carefully review the campaigns making note of the number of contacts in each campaign and determine how best to handle each campaign.

Tip 2: Check your nurturing campaigns

Your nurturing campaigns can take many forms. From a marketing automation point of view, nurturing campaigns are typically trigger based i.e. a contact’s digital behaviour or profile changes and they qualify to enter a nurturing campaign or, you may have business processes in place where people are added to campaigns manually. This could be via the CRM where a salesperson nominates their prospect to enter a specific lead nurturing campaign.

Other examples of “nurturing” could be On-Boarding or Welcome campaigns. You need to think through the value of these comms being sent when there’s a good chance the recipient is on annual leave over the Christmas period. It may be a smart idea to deactivate these campaigns and reschedule them to launch in the new year.

Tip 3: Automate your holiday messages, office hours etc.

One of the key expectations most marketers have of Marketing Automation, is time saving. Your ability to plan ahead with some of the more mundane campaigns i.e. Office opening hours across holidays like Christmas, Australian Day, Easter, Queens Birthday, Labour Day etc can all be taken care of now.

Create your segments – your target audience, make them dynamic, build your assets and shazam, you’re done. It’s as easy as that. They key to your segment is making it dynamic, so that when the campaign launches in the months ahead, you’re sure to include the right people for your update.


IMPORTANT: Campaign Start & End Date

As an example, Australia Day falls on Thursday 26th January, 2017. I would suggest you activate your campaign on Monday 23rd and deactivate it on Thursday 26th. If you have a US audience, you may want to deactivate it on the 27th. Keep in mind, Eloqua will check the Segment every hour (based on the screen shot above – you can adjust the re-evaluation frequency), so you may want to adjust the Scheduling of the email to be delivered between 9:00am – 5:00pm, business hours.

Tip 4: It’s a good time to re-evaluate your Lead Scoring Model

Lead Scoring models run in the background and are generally tied to specific programs to deliver Marketing Qualified Leads to the sales team via a Program. You need to think through what will happen to the leads as they get passed to the CRM over the holiday period. Will they be responded to within the time frame your business has set?

In addition to the mechanics of the process listed above, the Christmas break period is a good time to evaluate the overall performance of your active Lead Scoring Model. 

SUGGESTION: If you choose to adjust your Lead Scoring Model, “Save-As” the current model, don’t simply adjust it. By creating a copy of the model, you can reactive it should the new model not deliver leads as you would expect. 

Top 4 Tips for Modern Marketers this Holiday Period

  1. Review your active campaigns and determine which campaigns should be deactivated over the Christmas holiday period.
  2. Review your Nurturing Campaigns, check the assets and ensure they contain up to date information and that nothing has expired e.g. old links etc.
  3. Make some time now to build out your 2017 holiday campaigns and use dynamic segments to get the right message to the right people at the right time.
  4. Re-evaluate your Lead Scoring Model and think through what will happen to Marketing Qualified Leads being sent to the Sales Team over the Christmas break.