Release 483 hit your POD between October 11-23, 2016. There’s some core enhancements to the platform. Each update, Apps are also updated and this App Release # 227 brings some excellent updates for GoToWebinar users. 

Oracle Eloqua navigation changes

Oracle Eloqua introduced an optional new navigation bar in February, 2016. This navigation will become mandatory for all clients with our 483 release (October 11-23, 2016), and will automatically appear within their instances on the day they receive the 483 Release.

Earlier this year, Eloqua launched a lighter, brighter look and feel for the Oracle Eloqua platform for all users. As an element of these changes, a new, optional navigation menu was also introduced.

At the time, it was noted that the new navigation menu was optional and would eventually become mandatory. Eloqua is in the process of having customers move over to exclusively use this new menu structure and will be making it mandatory with the arrival of the 483 Release (October 11-23, 2016).

It’s time to transition from Cloud Connectors to Apps

Eloqua has already extended the cut off date for this changes once, I don’t imagine they will extend it again. We encourage you to migrate to Apps or find an alternative before the end of 2016.

As a customer, these are the critical dates related to the decommissioning that you should be aware of:

  • After Feb 1st, 2017, you will no longer be able to add new instances of pre-existing Cloud Connectors or Cloud Components to your Eloqua10 Campaign Canvas or Landing Page. Only Apps built on the new framework can be used in your new Eloqua10 Campaigns and landing pages after Feb 1st, 2017.  

  • After Mar 31st, 2017, if campaigns or landing pages still contain instances of these older Cloud Connector and Cloud Component services, they will cease to function as intended until those references are removed.
    • Contacts entering Send to Cloud Connector steps on an E10 Campaign Canvas, will be put into and errored state and either remain in the step, or travel down the error path if one is configured. If an error path is not configured, these contacts will not automatically pass through this step, they will need to be moved manually.
    • Instances of Cloud Components on E10 Landing Pages will be removed, and the landing pages will render without the externally sourced content.
  • After Mar 31st, 2017, instances of all Oracle-built old framework Program Builder Connectors and Feeders will stop working.
    The site will be shutdown on Mar 31st, 2017.

Next Steps

If you are currently using Send to Cloud Connector steps on the Campaign Canvas, or Cloud Components on E10 Landing Pages, you should begin to switch over to Apps built on the new AppCloud Developer framework. Please visit the Oracle Cloud Marketplace: Eloqua Apps.

If you’re using connectors within Program Builder, please be advised that ALL Oracle-Built Program Builder Connectors (E9/E10) are impacted by the deprecation and there are no Oracle-built no replacements being created. They will all stop working within Program Builder as of March 31, 2017and you are advised to seek alternatives for the Program Canvas (Eloqua10) or Campaign Canvas (Eloqua10).

For more information, please visit the Oracle Cloud Marketplace: Eloqua Apps for alternatives.

NOTE: If you are using Eloqua 9, you are advised to speak with your account manager as there will no longer be Oracle-built Cloud Connectors available for use within Eloqua 9.

Two new Audience services are now available:

  • Attendance and Registration. You can use these feeders to add contacts who attended the GoToWebinar event, regardless of how they registered.
  • When using the attendance decision element, you can select a duration that defines what “attended” means, so that you can better nurture your contacts. Learn more
  • You can also view the total attendance duration for multi-session webinars.