Coming at it from a different angle

I had the chance today to attend a conference with a new client, it’s always helpful to hear how our customers pitch to their customers. It provides a level of insight that helps us provide advice and support on their various campaigns.

This client is a software company and their target markets are government, eduction sector and libraries. The CEO was the keynote speaker and he spoke about the change in the market as their various clients move to the Cloud.

I’ve attended many Oracle events and some salesforce dot com events over the past, almost 20 years. The Cloud has been around for some time and I suppose I almost “switch-off” when I hear the Cloud pitch.

However, it was interesting today to hear a software company, outside of the ones I’m usually associated with, articulate the impact of the Cloud on government, education and libraries.

Estonia, in far eastern Europe, provides a world leading example of Cloud based solutions.

Anna Piperal - Managing Director of e-Estonia Showroom at Enterprise Estonia
Anna Piperal – Managing Director of e-Estonia Showroom at Enterprise Estonia

Anna Piperal is a marketing professional with experience in wide range of business fields including lie-Governance, ICT, and public administration. During the last 5 years, Anna has been involved with the e-Government project, and now heads up the E-Estonia Showroom, which is a purpose built showroom designed to promote Estonian’s IT technology and know-how to the world.

e-Estonia Showroom opened in June 2014 and has hosted hundreds of delegations, including CEOs, princesses and presidents, journalists and policy makers. The Showroom aims to to familiarise global policy makers, political leaders and corporate executives with the success story of e-Estonia. 

Some quick facts about life in e-Estonia

Estonian’s can establish/register a business online in 18 minutes.

98% Estonian’s submit e-taxes online in 3 minutes.

99% of state services are available online.

99% of prescriptions are online.

1/3 less queues in hospitals.

Digital or e-signature saves 2% of GDP per year. All government bodies must accept digital signatures.

50 times more efficient police.

Broadband in 88% of homes, 100% by 2018.

e-Identity Card provides access to almost anything you need in Estonia

“Estonia has by far the most highly-developed national ID card system in the world. Much more than simply a legal picture ID, the mandatory national card serves as the digital access card for all of Estonia’s secure e-services. The chip on the card carries embedded files which, using 2048-bit public key encryption, enable it to be used as definitive proof of ID in an electronic environment.”

Here are some examples of how the ID Card is regularly used in Estonia:

  • Identification
  • Travelling
  • i-Voting
  • Business, Banking
  • Public Transport cards
  • Loyalty and library card
  • Healthcare
  • State Services
  • Digital Signature

The X-Road is the IT infrastructure that provides a single source of truth for both government & private sector.

In Summary

Needless to say, you probably get the impression I had a really interesting afternoon today. Of course the one filter I had while learning about e-Estonia was how they could really benefit from a Marketing Automation platform like Eloqua. 🙂 I hope you found it as interesting as I did.