Presenting people with visually appealing information that’s easily absorbed, understood and meaningful is not a simple task. In an age of in-bound marketing, content, specifically good quality content, is key.

A common strategy amongst marketers today is to take survey data and turn that data into bite size chunks of easily digestible pieces. Where possible, taking that data and presenting it in something more than the excel spreadsheet below.

Is Excel how you present data today?

Your Internal and External Audiences

Taking data and presenting it in such a way that your audience can take it in and understand it, is a critical step and part of your content marketing strategy.

Throughout July 2016 we hosted three webinars focussing on various aspects of content marketing. We presented these webinars with our friends at Curated Content, an Australian based consulting firm.

The Art of Creating the Perfect Infographic

Every Infographic create by Curated Content is constructed from three important parts – A Story, A Design and A Set of Requirements.

EXAMPLE: Internal Communications for Qantas

Qantas - The Terminal

This is a demo Video, created by Curated Content on the QANTAS interactive Intranet.

Inbound Marketing - reach out to your audience

Knox City Council - Preventing Violence Against Women Motion Graphic

The City of Knox, in Melbourne’s east, used this video to reach out to the community to address the issue of violence against women.

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