If you’re anything like me and manage multiple accounts of Instagram and were constantly frustrated with having to log out and sign into seperate accounts each time, then you will happily know that you can finally breathe a sigh of relief! 

The new Instagram update has addressed this problem (…finally) and now your social media life just got that little bit easier.

The latest update allows a user to add 5 accounts to a single instance.

It’s very easy to do as well.

1. Open your Instagram app and login to whichever account you use most often.

2. Go to your profile settings and choose add account.


3. Input your login details from this screen

Instagram 2


4. You will now see your account as an option on the bottom of the profile settings along with a picture of your profile image to indicate which account you’re currently viewing



To switch between accounts, just hold down on the profile image in the bottom right or tap your username at the top of the page and a list of all the accounts you own will generate.

The other question you might be asking is what push notifications will you receive now that you’ve added all your accounts to one instance?

The answer is all of them. Unless you adjust your push notification settings for each account separately

Easy as you like. Thank You Instagram.