A refresh of Eloqua 10 is due in the first quarter of 2016. We’ve got a few things here for you to have a sneak peak.

Enjoy a quick sneak peek into the new Oracle Eloqua new user experience that arrives in 2016. Featuring some great new enhancements and a lighter, brighter, more welcoming feel. Don’t fret though, the enhancements won’t disrupt your day-to-day use of the platform as it’s an evolution of the user experience, not a redesign of the platform.

Release Notes from Topliners

This release marks the arrival of the lighter, brighter look and feel for the Oracle Eloqua platform. Featuring a new interactive My Eloqua Today page, redesigned launch pad pages, you’ll notice a fresh look throughout the entire platform. But don’t worry, it’s the same familiar workflow throughout the platform!

Program Canvas (new) will also now be available under our controlled availability program. Program Canvas (eventually replacing Program Builder) is used for applying workflows and business logic to modify or move data, and running non-campaign based apps within the core application.

To learn more about these highlights and others included in the February release (Version 477), please visit the What’s New in Oracle Eloqua (Recent Versions) document which will be updated on Feb 2nd.

What’s Changing?

1. Eloqua has undergone a user experience evolution that features a fresh, lighter, brighter more welcoming feel throughout the entire platform for all customers.

It is important to note that these enhancements are not intended to disrupt your day-to-day use of the Eloqua platform, as this update is meant to be an evolution of the user experience, and not a complete redesign of the platform itself. The steps to create an email or launch a campaign have not changed in any way.

2. With a clean, intuitive, responsive design (resizes/adjusts based on the browser size), you’ll also notice some notable enhancements including:

The new My Eloqua page has been transformed into an interactive area that tracks the pulse of your marketing efforts:

> Trend and aggregate data such new contacts, web activity, and new visitors
> Campaigns tile gives you high-level visibility into campaigns currently running, about to launch or expire; ability to click to dig in and go directly to campaign
> Recent activity within the platform such as campaign activations, edits to assets, etc.
> “Recently Accessed” section
>Customisable shortcuts

3. The Launch Pad pages feature the same elements, but in a more intuitive and helpful design.

More open space, more information immediately displayed including direct access to recently accessed asset/campaigns, folder structure, and templates.

4. The main navigation bar within the platform has also been updated, and you can choose from the refreshed (existing) navigation bar or choose to start using the new navigation that most notably features a new “Orchestration” tab that groups together Campaign Canvas, Program Builder and some other tools.

NOTE: While optional now, the new navigation bar will be rolled out to all clients later in 2016. As a customer, you can choose to start using it right away or wait until it’s rolled out across all clients.

Rollout Dates

2016 Release 477 Rollout Dates

View tentative rollout dates for the next versions of Oracle Eloqua and Eloqua Apps above. All rollout dates are subject to change. Learn how to find your POD. You will need to login to Topliners to access this URL.

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