It’s generally a good idea to let your customers know when your office will be closed for various public holidays. There’s nothing more annoying than the last minute rush to do this 24 hours before a public holiday.

Take advantage of the automation you have with Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua and prepare these message now for 2016.

Have some fun

For the past couple of years we’ve invested some time in December to prepare holiday messages for the coming year. Public holiday dates are fixed and each has a theme which makes them the perfect candidate for an automated message i.e. “Our office will be closed on the Australia Day Public Holiday…” etc.

We’ve had fun specifically with the New Years Day 12:01am email delivery to our closest friends and customers. More about a bit of fun, than anything else. It’s surprising how many people check their work email just after midnight on New Years day.

Plan, just like any other campaign

We’ve found that a single campaign canvas for each holiday message is the easiest. You also want to make sure that you create your list of recipients based on filter criteria, not a static list upload via excel. The people you have in that list in December, is likely to change by the time you get to various holiday campaign throughout the following year.

The default for the re-evaluation frequency is 1 hour. However, you could set this to once a day in the context of this campaign. Click on the button to learn more about Segments and the Campaign Canvas.

Who is your audience?

We include customers, prospects and partners on these campaigns. We’re a Sydney based organisatiion, however we have customers across the Asia Pacific region. We add another filter to this, we call it “Affinity”.

Our team is able to assign an affinity to a contact within the CRM and this information flows through to Eloqua where we can use it as a data point to enhance the segmentation.

When the respective campaign goes live, the segment will refresh one final time before it “sends” the email.

You’re only limited by your imagination

If you take a look into your 2016 calendar, there are most likely other dates or events that could be worked into a campaign like the public holiday office closure announcements.

The more time you can save now, the longer lunches you can have during January – or, of course the more work you can get done.

Have fun building your Public Holiday, office closure campaigns.