What\’s the difference? An email marketer has a list and a single email & they hit that list over & over again. They watch their unsubscribes increase and they deliver poor quality leads to the sales team. A marketer using marketing automation \”engages\” with buyers or donors based on their behaviour & Digital Body Language™

Building campaigns to \”engage\” buyers or donors

When we understand the way people engage with us via our website, email campaigns and face to face events, we can begin to build a profile and develop content to support their journey. Whether that journey be one of a buyer or a donor or even internal staff, we can tailor the way we engage to suit them.

As an example, at Marketing Cube we shared in a recent blog post how we adjusted who receives our regular newsletter, Outside The Cube.

We carefully reviewed several groups of people based on the following criteria or Digtial Body Language™:

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  • Those who proactively subscribed to Outside The Cube
  • Those who opened Outside The Cube each month
  • Those who opened and clicked-through each month
  • and those who did not open the email each month


Once we understood these various types of behaviour, we built Segments to automatically produce these various groups of people to match the four areas listed above. This means that those who are more engaged will continue to receive the newsletter each month, those who are less engaged will receive it less frequently. We decided that all of our target audience will receive the newsletter at least once a quarter, regardless of the above metrics.

Over time, we\’ll be able to review the Insight reports within Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua to determine how well this strategy is playing out. What are our metrics for success? That\’s a good question. As far as the newsletter goes, it really about engagement, seeing that people are opening and potentially clicking through to articles.

Another example of Marketing Automation

I recently sat with a NFP customer to help them develop a campaign targeting C-Level executives. Their objective was to produce a cross-channel campaign using their call centre to secure appointments and to reach out to C-Level executives via email.

As we explored the campaign in more detail we discovered an opportuntiy to augment the campaign with an automated campaign. Content, always a critical requriement for any campaign, was in this case easy. They\’d produced a booklet targeting C-Level executives with messaging around corporate responsbility and explaining how companies could align themselves with a NFP to help.

The plan is quite simple

The intial step in the campaign is to reach out by telephone and try to secure a face to face meeting. If a meeting is not granted or is several weeks away, common for C-Level executives, they will be invited to learn more about corporate responsibility via a five step campaign. As marketers, we call this a \”nurturing campaign\”.

They will take the content mentioned above and instead of mailing out the 10 page glossy brochure, the content will be \”chunked\” down to five easily digestable messages. This will serve to keep the NFP brand front of mind in preparation for the face to face meeting. For those executives who chose not to have a face to face meeting, the NFP can watch closely to see which of the executives in that group opened the emails, clicked-through of those emails and perhaps spent time on their website.

This group can then be recontacted in a few months depending on the level of engagement via the nurturing campaign. This is understanding an acting on Digital Body Language™.

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