Following the global Modern Marketing event in Las Vegas earlier this year, Oracle Marketing Cloud hosted over 100 guests at the Modern Marketing Tour 2015 in Melbourne this week.

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It all comes back to data

Across the various presentations throughout the afternoon, there was a common theme. That theme was data and in some cases big data. Uber talked of the challenges and benefits that come from the huge amount of data they capture as well as data they have access to.

Diabetes Victoria referenced the power of a single view of their \”members\” and by understanding the range of services a member has in place, they can look at engaging and educating specific subsets of members and develop, what the commercial world would call, cross-sell campaigns.

From Oracle, Kaykas-Wolff outlined how data can help you gain a level of insight unknown to many companies. The insight is merged with the Digital Body Language™ found in Eloqua, your social properties as part of Oracle Social Relationship Management and a range of 3rd party sources. Oracle\’s Data Management Platform is part of the Oralce Marketing Cloud and helps create these profiles.

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You might enjoy this recent blog post from Oracle Marketing Cloud: \”Big Data Really Can\’t Solve A Marketer\’s Problem\”.

Albert Einstein once said “If I had an hour to solve a problem I\’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”

That comes out to roughly 92% of the time Einstein would use over the course of an hour in thinking about a problem vs. the 8% he would leave aside for actually solving it. Clearly, when it comes to the problem of big data, marketers have spent nearly the same percentage on the problem itself vs. addressing the problem head on with a… READ MORE

However, CX must be the driving force

While there was plenty of discussion around data, the driving force was Customer Expereince or CX. Each of the presenters talked passionatly about their customers and the constant steps they go through to ensure they\’re offerring the best possible experience to customers.

For JetStar, the focus was on ensuring the right content was delivered to people at the right time. They specifically found success through their research in offerring people packages that were georgaphically close to where they lived. Within reason of course, JetStar want you fly you to a destination.

They have also taken advanatge of recent platform enhancements with Oralce Marketing Cloud Responys which enables people to navigate in their email client just like they were on a website. Oracle call this feature Kinetic emails, it\’s very cool and engaging.

As a memberhsip based not-for-profit organisation, Diabetes Victoria has different needs for their use or Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua. With various newsletters, they\’re working to understand the needs of their members so they can deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Case Study – Download Now

The team at Diabetes Victoria has spent some time with Marketing Cube and Oracle Marketing Cloud to share some specific areas of success that they\’ve experienced with Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua. Click here to access a case study that walks you through their success.

Keep an eye out for other events like this.

Events like this enable you to learn from other organisations achieving results that help drive a superior Customer Experience.

Use the links on this page under \”Modern Marketing Events – You’re Invited\” to find an event near you.