In this week\’s book review, we look at Alex Allwood\’s first pillar of Customer Experience (CX), Brand Purpose.


Allwood outlines that the culture of your organisation will go a long way to helping you build relationships with your customers. She cites organisations like Apple Inc., TOMS shoes and Dove Skin & Hair etc.

Each of these companies display a strong commitment to social awareness in different ways. TOMS shoes donate a pair of shoes to a child in the developing world for every pair sold.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign has helped women the world over believe they\’re beautiful while breaking down perceptions of distorted beauty delivered through various campaigns. Apple tells us to Think Differently and provides a range of products to support people\’s creativity.


How can Marketing Automation build on these campaigns?

In the example above, Dove has taken the core purpose of their product and presented it back to their customer base in what could be described as a very confronting way. Women were asked to describe themselves to an FBI forensic sketch artist. Then, people who had just met this same women were also asked to describe the women to the sketch artist.

The difference between how the women perceived themselves verses how others described them, was quite astonishing.

The YouTube video above has been viewed 5,688,879 times since April 2013. This level of exposure for a brand which says nothing about their product, goes a long way to building and reinforcing the message that\’s displayed at the end of the video \”You\’re more beautiful than you think\”.

Long before Dove developed this campaign, there would have been extensive work done internally to create a culture that saw a campaign like this adding value to the brand. Marketing Automation is, at its core, a communication tool. A strong internal campaign can help you share a clear vision of your companies values helping to reinforce your brands personality and positioning.

Imagine if Dove\’s YouTube audience were invited to submit some details to gain access to additional video footage where they got to meet the women involved in the campaign. This could be gated content only available to those who submitted a form, the form data would be loaded directly into Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua, a marketing automation platform.

A nurturing style campaign could then take these people on a journey where they discovered more about the women involved, perhaps a chance to meet the sketch artist and more. All the while gently reinforcing the Dove brand.

If you add Social to the mix, you provide an opportunity for staff, customers and partners to engage with each other, sharing campaign content like the Dove Sketches video material.

\”In spite of some criticism, the video’s self-esteem boosting message clearly resonated with a massive audience. It was uploaded in 25 different languages to 33 of Dove’s YouTube channels and has been viewed in more than 110 countries.\”*

But how did it reach that extreme level of virality?


\”Of course the simplest answer is that it elicited a strong emotional response from viewers.

Dove published survey data asserting, “Over half (54%) of women globally agree that when it comes to how they look, they are their own worst beauty critic, which equates to a staggering 672 million women around the world.”

David Waterhouse, the global head of content and PR at viral tracker Unruly Media agrees.

“I think what made this campaign perform particularly strongly is the content, which elicited the intense emotional responses of ‘warmth, ‘happiness’ and ‘knowledge’ from its target demographic — one of the key factors behind a video’s sharing success,” he told Business Insider. “But, more importantly, we are really seeing social motivations behind sharing becoming a lot more important. Brands have to give people a reason to share the video.”*

*SOURCE: Business Insider Australia, May 2013

 Next Post: Pillar 2 – Organisational Alignment

Our next post will explore Allwood\’s second pillar of Customer Experience, Organisational Alignment. Allwood\’s book will be available in stores and online in August.

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