As the iTunes App Store is to your iPhone so is the Oracle Cloud Market Place to your instance of Eloqua. Extend the functionality of your campaigns and automate further, with more.

The App Store serves many purposes. You can add an App to push SMS from the Eloqua Campaign Canvas. If you\’re using GoToWebinar, ReadyTalk or WebEx you can download the free connector from the App Store and then use Eloqua to send all of your webinar emails and record people\’s activity against their Eloqua Contact. This is helpful for future segmentation and also Lead Scoring.

Let\’s take a look at some of the more common Apps

Webinar Apps + External Activities

Each of these apps offer various levels of integration and functionality. At Marketing Cube we use ReadyTalk, their integration is just a little more elegant that the others. The Oracle External Activity Creator can be helpful with each of these Apps depending on how you score your leads and segment data.

Why use Apps?

The main reason to use Apps is to enhance the Digital Body Language of your Eloqua Contacts. With more data comes your enhanced ability to segment and to personalise your customer experience (CX). For example, you could segment a list of people based on them registering and attending a webinar or registering and NOT attending a webinar. Giving you greater flexibility about the way you interact with them.

With the example above, the webinar apps, you will probably want to build a Customer Object (or Data Card) to capture the webinar data e.g. registration, attendance, how long they attended for and more. Keep in mind you have around 250 fields on the Eloqua Contact, it\’s easy to use all of these fields once you starting adding additional data sources. Use Custom Data objects to store the data from your Apps freeing up the Contact for more core profile data.

Just as you can segment data based on the Eloqua Contact i.e. Profile data, you can also use behavioural data or Digtial Body Language to segment by from Custom Objects.

Installing Apps?

In order to install an App from the Oracle Cloud Market Place your Eloqua User profile will need to have API access. This is usually your Eloqua Administrator. Once you view an app in the Market Place, you will see the \”Get App\” – see below…

ReadyTalk App Cloud Get App 660x140pxl

Where do you find the Apps in Eloqua once you\’ve installed them?

Navigate to SETTINGS > SETUP > ADMINISTRATION and then click on the AppCloud Catalog icon.

Eloqua AppoCloud Catalog Installed Apps Home 660x364pxl

The \”Catalog\” tab shows you the status of your installed or \”Available\” Apps

Eloqua AppCloud Catalog Available Apps 660x137pxl

More information about Apps

\”The Oracle Marketing AppCloud lets Eloqua clients integrate with various external systems when creating campaigns, emails, and landing pages. AppCloud apps include services that you add to the campaign canvas, email, or landing page editors as you would any other element.

When contacts flow in to an action service, Eloqua calls out the external system to tell it to perform the action. For example, the Campaign Association action service lets you associate a contact to a Salesforce campaign directly from the campaign canvas.

AppCloud decision services delegate decision-making to an external system: instead of needing to bring the external system\’s data into Eloqua so that Eloqua can make the decision, decision services call out to the external system, which returns \’yes\’ or \’no\’ for each client, routing them into the next stages of the campaign. For example, the WebEx integration has decision services that calls out to WebEx to check if a contact is registered for a webinar.

AppCloud audience services act much like a segment created in Eloqua, only contacts are fed directly into the campaign from an external system. When the contacts are fed into the campaign, they are also stored in Eloqua, so this saves a step.

In the email and landing page editors, AppCloud content services let marketers include content from external systems in their assets. Other content services provide easy ways for marketers to include links to other systems. For example, the Social Sharing content service for landing pages adds a series of buttons that visitors can use to share the content on their social networks.\”*

*SOURCE: Oracle Eloqua Help Centre

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