I had the opportunity this morning to attend a book launch event at the Sydney Hilton. Alex Allwood, the founder and CEO of Sydney based The Holla Agency launched her new book \”Getting the in Game, Customer Experience is the Brand\”.

In her book, Allwood outlines what she sees as the 7 Pillars of Customer Experience. Over the coming weeks I\’m going to review each of these 7 pillars and explore them in the context or what our customers are doing as they execute their CX strategy with Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua.

Pillar 1: Brand Purpose

Pillar 2: Organisational Alignment

Pillar 3: Customer Journey

Pillar 4: Keep the Promise

Pillar 5: Technology

Pillar 6: Co-creation

Pillar 7: Experience Management

Sit tight and keep an eye on our blog for these posts as they appear in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I\’m racing off to a customer meeting to discuss, well – Customer Experience.