I spent some time this week participating in an Oracle Partner Network Webinar for Social Relationship Management (SRM).

The webinar discussed a range of recent updates to SRM, but more importantly it provided insight into some of the great new features you will be able to access soon.

Recent Updates

Social Station

The social station operates as two components:

1. The Intelligence Centre

The intelligence centre provides live updates on your social media trends. These can be displayed via your topics or through social media content based off your content and apps. They are designed to be projected as a presentation with constant live updates.

The topic view can be split into demographics or themes.

Demographics  –  provides a world map view literally pin-pointing where social media conversations are taking place, who the major influencers are and what reach you\’re obtaining at a particular point-in-time.


Themes –  display your topic in a word cloud format. Each section of the word cloud rotates at 10 second intervals and delivers a deeper look into the snippets based on the key word/theme your topic is producing.


Content and Apps
– here you can utilise a great feature known as the social media mixer. You can build it to pull in texts, pictures or videos based on hash tags across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. This is an ideal tool if you\’re running events, competitions or to show off your social presence by embedding it on your Facebook and website.



2. Dashboards

Dashboards display charts of your own custom analytics. Custom analytics can be built either through Listen & Analyse or via Social Station. Choose from a list of metrics you want to customise. Each metric is dependent on your social stream. You can just look at followers, select certain campaign messages from engage or develop your own KPIs

Social Station provides a quick publish post tab as well, just in case you see something urgent in your engagement messages that requires your attention.

We will continue to provide insights accordingly but keep watch on your SRM home page for any news & updates.