You have been posting, blogging, tweeting, following and pinning all things left and right, feeling good about your social marketing efforts yet your engagement with your audience has remained stagnant.

So where is your audience? Have you gained many impressions or are you just talking to a wall that occasionally talks back again?

An organisation that has a great social media presence knows the value an engaged following brings.

It’s all about brand perception – are you who they think of first when your product aligns with their strategic plan? Are your messages appealing to your followers at a personal level? Are you sending messages in the right tone?

Are you providing the value they\’re looking for?

In order to further understand the needs of your audience why not have a look at and try these simple suggestions:

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However, even with the vast amount of statistics, conversations and followers you have gained – it all means nothing unless you can use it wisely.

Access to the right type of reporting that provides insight and helps you understand the impact of your cross-channel campaigns is critical to helping you use Social \”wisely\”.

Using Oracle Social Relationship Management I am able to source a variety of automated reports delivered at varying intervals.

I use these to analyse my Social \”streams\”, match them to campaigns from our Eloqua team, perhaps some competitor activity and more. All of these data points help to constantly redefine our social strategy if necessary.

A few examples which Content Marketing Institute suggest to increase engagement include:
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  • Posting content on Mondays and Fridays when engagement is much higher
  • Produce more content from a specific individual if you find their style has more success
  • Increase your creation of technology related blog posts
  • Reduce Facebook status updates in favour of photo posts

You will want to strategise specifically on your research but if you can find your \’x factor\’ then use this to leverage your content offering.

Don\’t be afraid to try something different if you find your marketing remains stagnant because, in this environment, change is inevitable.