Recently, I have become well acquainted with Oracle\’s Social Relationship Management (SRM).

This platform to put it briefly unifies all your social media properties onto one unique interface. The benefit is that you never have to leave the platform to publish on separate accounts and once your campaigns are in place, all your analytics are available with the click of a few buttons.

My journey through this platform identified a great strength and this is the capability to link your social campaigns to your marketing automation campaign through the use of dynamic link tracking. For instance, you can publish from Eloqua directly to SRM and link a dynamic tracking tag to any post.

So how is this all going to help you in your marketing efforts?

Well, anyone who interacts with these posts will now provide you a 360degree view of their digital body language. Oracle Marketing Cloud\’s Grande Guide to Lead Scoring note “awareness of how an individual discovered a message, along with where and from whom, will feature prominently in marketers’ lead-scoring and nurturing routines”

A few analytics, which you could track as a marketer, include the campaign source; the campaign names; and specific values. This is critical as to understand the individual you need to understand what posts in your campaign trigger a call-to-action.

Here a few ways to gather insight: 


Did the campaign grab the attention of the audience?

Measure the engagement rates vs. the consumption rates.

Engaged users are the average number of people who clicked on your campaign to create a story. Consumptions are the total users that clicked on your campaigns content without generating a story. For the most part consumptions will be more prominent over engaged users. However, if you can increase the number of engagements then you can begin to determine the pulling power and vested interest in your brand.

In Summary

The beauty of using Eloqua and SRM dynamic link tracking is that you can pinpoint the specific actions of a user. If you find they are heavily involved with your social media posts then use this to your advantage to build the relationship.

If they comment or like specific posts then keep a note on what campaigns they are interacting with and provide with them with similar information.

Keep in mind your dynamic tracking link will provide information on the parameters you provide, so make sure you are fully aware on what metrics you wish to be captured before publishing your next campaign.