There\’s no shortage of people offering advice on Content Marketing. Amidst all the advice I\’ve seen, I\’ve found some \”nuggets\”, great pieces of advice that have changed the way I develop content.


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Where do I start?

I spend an inordinate amount of time looking over Eloqua Insights. Insight is the reporting function within Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua. There are 70+ pre-built reports any digital marketer would want. I find I adjust and manipulate the data within Eloqua and then export data to excel to gain additional insight – no pun intended.

Google Analytics is another great place to spend time. I find many of the reports Google offer are available in Eloqua with the added benefit of knowing \”who\” is interacting with our digital assets.

Nugget 1: Research and understand how your existing content is performing. Measure and measure some more. Make informed decisions about your content, don\’t go by \”gut\” feel.

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What\’s it all about?

When you sit down to write a blog post, have a clear message in mind. I\’ve found a great way to do this is to think of a topic, break it into three sub topics and then take those three sub topics and break each one down into three additional sub topics. You\’ll end up with bullet pointed statements that all feed back to your key point.

This is the framework for your post, your white paper or even your next presentation. I was taught this technique by an adult learning expert. The theory of \”three\” is that most adults will \”check-out\” if there\’s more than three points they need to absorb.

Nugget 2: Write for your audience. Be clear and specific in your writing. Offer advice and insight based on your own products and/or services. Content marketing is not about offering something for free, it\’s about delivering value.

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What about Google +?

Seriously, I\’m hearing you. I used to joke that the only people I\’d connect with on Google + were Australian employees of Google. It honestly felt that way. However since Google starting weighting Google + higher on their search results, you\’re behind the eight ball if you\’re not sharing your content on Google +.

We should all know by now that Google search results are local. Regardless of the size of your business, you want to appear in people\’s search results.

Nugget 3: Include Google + in your content marketing strategy.

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Who is your audience?

Ok, this really is an extension of Nugget 2, know your audience. However the process of developing personas is an invaluable tool for any Modern Marketer. Personas help you write directly to your target audience, it helps you keep your message \”on message\” and deliver the right content to the right people and the right time.

When you integrate your persona details with your CRM and Marketing Automation platforms, you\’re at least five miles ahead of your competition.

Nugget 4: There are tools and platforms available to support your persona strategy. Click here to discover one that we use.

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