With plenty of questions asked in the ‘third person’, it was clear some attending last Thursday’s Meetup were seeking legal advice from our panel of experts.

Our March Marketing Automation Meetup was sponsored by the global publishing firm, LexisNexis and Oracle Marketing Cloud. LexisNexis brought the expertise to understand Social Media from a legal perspective while Oracle Marketing Cloud provide platforms for organisations of all sizes to manage their Social properties and other key channels within your digital channels.

Florida man out on bail in U.A.E. after criticising his employer on his Facebook wall.

We discovered, through advise from our legal experts, that what happens on Facebook outside of work can and does have an impact at work. Ryan Pate of Florida, USA discovered this on his return to the U.A.E. He’s made bail following his criticism of his employer on Facebook while at home the U.S.A.

“Frustrated with his employer in the United Arab Emirates, Ryan Pate, a civilian helicopter mechanic from Belleair Bluffs, criticized the company and made a rash, derogatory comment toward Arabs on Facebook while back home (in the USA) in January.

Last month, when he returned to the UAE to work out his employment issues, Pate received a call from the Abu Dhabi police directing him to come in.

“I didn’t know why and they wouldn’t tell me,” said Pate, 30, a 2005 graduate of Largo High School.”

“After learning about Pate’s arrest, U.S. Rep. David Jolly, who represents the district where Pate grew up, sent letters to Secretary of State John Kerry and Ali Mohammed Abdullah Al Bloushi, the Emerati attorney general, calling for Pate’s release on the charge of cyber slander against the UAE and his employers.”

SOURCE: The Tampa Tribune

Key takeaways from the event

It’s interesting, we hold these events each month on a wide range of topics with the core goal to make them relevant to Modern Marketers. The key take-away from this event was that we need to work harder to inform people about content of the evening. I’m sure those people who didn’t make it would have enjoyed the evening. While I’ve given Oracle Social Relationship Management a plug below, we only mentioned it in closing on the night.

This event, driven by our three panelists, focused heavily on key areas for all organisations to aware of. We covered employment law and the challenges staff and business face in light of posts and tweets that could be in conflict with the law. It appears large organisations face greater scrutiny by the ACCC.

“You must ensure you don’t make any false or misleading claims as part of your marketing and promotional activities. This includes advertisements or statements using any media, including print, radio, television, websites and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

There are no specific or different consumer laws or rules in place for social media. Consumer protection laws which prohibit businesses from making false, misleading or deceptive claims about their products or services have been in place for decades. These laws apply to social media in the same way they apply to any other marketing or sales channel.”


Technology helps compliance to company & legal polices

One of the challenges for companies raised by the panel, is the access by staff to Social properties outside of the workplace. A platform like Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) provides organisations with the ability to have many Social properties stream into a single feed/in-box allowing Community Managers to engage with fans and followers via the SRM interface with no need to access Social properties directly.

Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) consolidates all of your Social Properties allowing Community Managers to access a single email style feed to engage with fan and followers. This provides a secure and auditable environment for organisations.
Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) consolidates all of your Social Properties allowing Community Managers to access a single email style feed to engage with fan and followers. This provides a secure and auditable environment for organisations.

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Social Media Intelligence 2015

The need for social media intelligence (SMI) has increased during recent years as social media adoption rates and the number of social media sites that b-to-b organisations must track have grown.

Organisations require reliable SMI tools to discover, monitor and make sense of social signals being sent by buyers, customers, influencers and even competitors. This intelligence is now foundational for a successful marketing strategy, as social media has become a more meaningful proxy for the marketplace. With accurate SMI, guesswork and assumptions can be replaced by fact-based decision making.