In order to execute your engagement strategy, there are a few keys things you need to get in place first. They are Data, People and Processes.

A Modern Marketing Approach to engagement.

Data – Your starting point

How often have you called or engaged with an organisation as a customer and got the distinct impression that they have no idea who you are? There can be many reasons why this is the case, but primarily it comes down to poor management of data typically as a result of various silos of data.

For example, the Contact Centre sits in isolation to Marketing and even further from Sales.

The source of truth for \”who\” is a customer probably sits in an ERP system and is generally only accessed by the Finance team and perhaps the Contact Centre.

Once you get your data organised, it\’s time to start thinking about how you can take advantage of and leverage 2nd and 3rd party data. A Data Management Platform will greatly enhance your ability to do this.

People – The reason you\’re doing what you do

Modern Marketers needs to have a love affair with data. Once you have your data sorted and you\’re in a position to have a single view of your customer/donor or member, you can begin to engage with people based on more than just profile data. Developing Personas is a key way to help you develop the right content to engage with people.

A persona based Content Marketing strategy provides a solid foundation for the marketing team. It helps to focus messaging and supports the goal of engaging 1:1.

Process – Bringing Data & People together

All of the data and technology in the world won\’t help you if your processes don\’t work or are broken. Taking a broken business process and automating it simply delivers a broken automated process.

In the scenarios and points above, it\’s likely that you will have a CRM, a website, perhaps an e-Store, an ERP system and of course your email marketing or Marketing Automation platform.

Solid business processes need to be in place to ensure each of these moving parts work together to deliver a unique Customer Experience.

In Summary

When engagement becomes a priority and the focus of the marketing team has moved on from a batch-and-blast email mentality, the techniques above of Data, People and Process will help you deliver the best possible and unique Customer Experience.

As you begin to understand the relationship between these three key areas, you will be able to build a richer and more holistic view of the people you\’re communicating with.