Marketing Automation delivers a one-to-one level of personalisation helping NFP\’s engage deeper and smarter across their communications.

Why you should Automate the Supporter Journey

One key criticism of buyers about business, is the inconsistent experience they have across their many channels. This same frustration extends to NFP\’s with one story from a street contact or call centre and another experience once they begin to engage with a NFP as a donor.

An on-boarding or welcome campaign for new donors is the perfect example of automation delivering a consistent message via a channel of the donor\’s choosing or preference.

Where email is the chosen preference, you can begin an automated on-boarding campaign. If you have a designated relationship manager assigned to the new donor or supporter, all communications to the new donor can come \”from\” the relationship manager. You want to avoid email addresses like \”\” or \”\”.

The new donor or supporter should recognise the name of the person the email has come from and should they choose to click \”reply\”, that email should go directly to the assigned relationship manager. A photograph of the relationship manager in the signature of the email is a good way to reinforce past and future face-to-face meetings.

Automation delivers a high level of personalisation, critical to building long term relationships.

CRM Integration – the Source of Truth

While a Marketing Automation platform like, Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua, can function as a stand alone system most organisations will choose to integrate Eloqua with their CRM. The CRM is your \”source of truth\”.

For example, we talked about the Relationship Manager above and their connection to a donor. The source of truth for that connection is found in the CRM.

CRM integration also enables campaigns to launch based on \”triggers\” or \”events\” from the CRM.

For example, a donor\’s birthday may be approaching within the next week. A filter from Eloqua can check every hour of every day to find any donors whose birthday is due within the next seven days and then send them a happy birthday email for the coming week. Or, you could even deliver the email on the day, it\’s up to you.

Understanding the need to focus on Data, People and Process is critical for any Modern Marketer. The CRM is just one data source.

Segment your own data & save thousands of dollars

Segmentation of data is not something that has to be outsourced, it can be done internally and it can be done quickly through an intuitive drag and drop interface.

In the YouTube video below you will see an example of how an Eloqua user can segment their own data. It\’s an exercise done in minutes, not hours or days. This empowers your organisation to target donors as needed and not have to wait days for an outsourced service to deliver a list days after an event. A disaster campaign is the perfect example where immediacy is needed.

Managing donor/supporter preferences

With opt-out rates averaging 30%, NFP\’s have a lot of work to do to maintain the ability to email their donors and friends. A simple email marketing platform may offer you a single option to \”opt-out\” with no ability for the donor to choose or manage the types of communications they receive from you.

Modern Marketers need smarter tools. Eloqua provides an out-of-the-box Preference Management Centre. This delivers a very different donor experience when a donor clicks on \”unsubscribe\” in the footer of an email.

If you break down the types of campaigns you run, they may look something like this:

> Newsletters

> Disaster Emergencies

> Volunteer Updates

> Special Events

> Government Policy Updates

If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, you will have the opportunity to click on the \”Manage my Preferences\” link in the footer of our email. You will then be brought to a web page as shown below. Your donor would see your logo, not ours 🙂 The list of subscriptions will be whatever you choose them to be.

The secret here is to not inundate the donor with too many options. Keep it simple, but give them a range of options so they\’re in control of how they hear from you.

>> An example of the Preference Centre:

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Preference Centre