As Digital Marketers we experience change every day. With Cloud based platforms changing on an ongoing schedule, it’s critical that Oracle Marketing Cloud lead the pack with functional enhancements. The new release schedule will accommodate the fast moving world of digital marketing.

What’s changed?

Previously, Oracle Marketing Cloud (previously known as Eloqua) was updated on a seasonal schedule e.g. Winter Release, Summer Release etc. This generally delivered four releases a year. Now, releases will come on average twice a quarter and the naming convention has changed to a numbered system.

The January 2015 update is Release # 468 and is being rolled out in the first half of January. 

What is being delivered in Release # 468?

> Simple Email Campaigns

The winning email metrics section is now hidden while an A/B test is in progress.

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For simple email campaigns, included and excluded contacts are now displayed.

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> Emails (This one is great) 
Eloqua now provides the ability to have emails created from the WYSIWYG editor dynamically resize at run time (email send) based on the cloud or dynamic content within that email so the content is not cut off upon email delivery.

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> A/B Testing Emails
The A/B testing feature in Simple Email Campaigns is now generally available. You are no longer required to submit a request to leverage this feature.

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> Campaign Approval Enhancements
You now have the ability to preview an asset directly from the campaign canvas during approval, providing you have access to the content being approved.

Please contact me today if you’re exploring how to implement this Campaign Approval feature.

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> User Interface Changes
Implemented user interface improvements so you can more easily work with shared content, headers, footers, and signatures.All of these component library editors (shared, footer, header, signature) are now standardised in terms of the following:

1) Inline editing of the name.
2) Permissions and settings in the gear menu.

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> Lead Scoring
When activating a lead scoring model, you now have the option to re-score all contacts or only ‘net new’ contacts and those with recent activity.

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and my favourite out of all of these updates… 

> Campaign Canvas
You now have the ability to select (and drag & drop) multiple steps on the campaign canvas at once.

Yippee Kai Yay! 

How to keep up to date with these changes

The easiest way is to visit the Oracle Marketing Cloud Release Resource Centre on Topliners, an online community of users. You will find a variety of links with information about any upcoming release functionality.

During the release cycle some features may be in “Controlled Availability”. As an example, the Simple Email Campaign function was initially in Beta, it moved to Controlled Availability and, as of Release # 468 is, “Generally Available”.

If you follow the updates via the Release Resource Centre, you can often request to be included in the Controlled Availability process. Typically, you will need to log a Service Request (or Case) via My Oracle Support.

Oracle CX Marketing Agency Services

The team at Marketing Cube has been supporting Oracle CX Marketing customers since 2007. We’ve been using Eloqua ourselves for that period and provided agency services as well as traditional application support for close to 100 customers across a wide range of industries & geographies. If you’ve been using Oracle CX Marketing for some time and are looking for agency services e.g. strategic services, end-user coaching/training, campaign support and more, contact us today to talk further about how we can help you.