I spent some time this past week with a global Eloqua customer introducing their team to Eloqua & helping them navigate their world of data. We spent far too much time on the CRM & navigating sloppy data.

What is so hard?

From the outset, the challenge here is not a technology one. Eloqua easily integrates with a variety of CRM platforms, so that’s not the challenge. The challenge is people and process. This old chestnut is the same challenge I saw working for Siebel in the 90’s, it’s not new.

At the core of the challenge is ownership of data and who can make decisions to enhance the accessibility of the data and the quality of the data.

Where to start?

In order for marketers to move beyond “email marketing” and progress to “marketing automation”, they need to be confident about the data they have access to. Let me give you an example of one of the challenges we faced this week.

There’s a field in this customers CRM called “Sales Channel”, it’s a drop down list. But wait, there’s not just one, but several fields called “Sales Channel”. If I put on my “grumpy” hat, I would be speaking with CRM Administrator and asking them to sort this out today.

Modern Marketers have the ability to automate many campaigns based on data stored and captured in the CRM. Eloqua’s Segmentation capability is rich and powerful, but only as powerful as the quality of the data.

No Excel

If you’re spending time creating lists in your CRM, exporting them to excel and importing them to Eloqua there’s something fundamentally wrong with the integration, the CRM data or there’s a lack of end-user training. 

You will have great difficulty executing trigger based campaigns and campaigns in general. There is a better way.

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Get Executive support today?

When we understand that most of the challenges faced by integration are “people” and “process” related, we can start to move forward. However, the very nature of this exercise requires people to be flexible and realise that change is necessary in order to produce the best possible outcome.

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Is your CRM Administrator Certified?

Many of our customers use Salesforce and the majority of these are integrated. The integration with Salesforce is easy and effective when you have a certified Salesforce Administrator who knows what they’re doing. Our Oracle Marketing Cloud certified team has completed many integrations since 2007.

This process is much easier when we’re working with certified CRM administrators who understand the complexities involved and the changes or enhancements needed from a marketing perspective.

Marketing Cube can help

Since 2007 we’ve helped many customers of varying sizes complete integration with Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle Sales Cloud and other CRM systems.

Contact us today to see how we can help your organisation.