Oracle Marketing Cloud customers can easily produce emails and landing pages via the drag and drop interface. But, without solid templates designed by a ‘qualified’ designer, there’s a chance you’re missing the mark.

Are you measuring what works and what doesn’t?

If there’s one thing Modern Marketers do well, it’s measure. We focus on “unique” behaviour and avoid looking at overall stats that don’t really reveal the engagement. Marketing Automation platforms like, Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Eloqua and Responsys provide detailed and granular reporting to help you understand what’s working and what’s not.

If we’re being honest, how often do you pull these reports? In my interactions with Eloqua customers, I’m always pushing them to review their Insight reporting so they can really understand how successful a campaign was.

A disciplined approach to genuine A/B testing is a good start, but this requires lead time and a considered approach to the design and copy of the email and/or landing page.

Take time to learn from others

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The Oracle Marketing Cloud Responsys team have published their Look Book for a number of years now. It shows great examples of B2C digital marketers and what they’re doing. The Eloqua team have their annual Markie awards, a global forum for their customers to present leading campaigns backed by statistics.

Each of these resources are a great way to research and learn what has been successful for other organisations. But this means you have to make time, time to sit back, learn and look at how you can adapt these successful campaigns to what you do as a business.

You should consider joining us next Thursday, 5th February in Sydney.

On Thursday evening at 6pm, we have Senior Designer Michael Lakin and General Manager Jonty Hardy from Sydney based design house DesignStreet, presenting “The Impact of Digital and Current Design Trends“. A free event being held at The Angel Hotel, 125 Pitt Street, Sydney.