Your clients approach to communication and the sources they look to for advice, has changed.

We have now moved beyond the period of talking about the “changing” behaviour of the “buyer”. That ship has sailed, buyer behaviour has changed – past tense.

Over the past few years, organisations like McKinsey & Co., Oracle Corporation and others have shared a great deal of research about the new behaviour of buyers. While Professional Services Firms may not sell a tangible product, their services help individuals and organisations to perform better in many ways.

Few business functions have been as profoundly disrupted by digitization as marketing. The era of expensive campaigns pushing products through mass media has been upended as consumers, empowered by information, are demanding more and more from the companies they choose to form relationships with.*

What’s possible with Marketing Automation?

I could write for pages on this topic. In a nutshell, Marketing Automation delivers a level of personal communications targeting both prospects and clients in way that helps to maintain the one-on-one relationship most professional services firm’s clients expect. Whether you’re a legal firm, an accounting firm or other professional services firm, your business is built around the relationship of the partners and their client base.

There is an expectation by your clients that when they engage with your brand, that you embody the brand. At the end of day, people buy from people and this is certainly the case with professional services firms.

Marketing Automation delivers a wide range of functionality to help you enhance your communications strategy. One key function is the personalisation of each email and touch-points across your digital properties. For example, emails are sent “from” the partner who owns the relationship to each contact. Should the contact “reply” to an email, it’s sent directly to the partner.

Modern Marketers, Brand Management & Professional Services Firms

The types of communication your firm delivers will vary from individual emails to invitations to events and even newsletters and potentially the sharing of thought leadership. Each of these touch-points are opportunities to remind the recipient about the value you deliver and the capability of your firm to support them in their many and various needs.

Modern Marketers understand the need to deliver consistent branding and the best possible client/customer experience through each campaign. In addition, careful observation of the Australian anti-spam laws and the management of unsubscribes/opt-outs must be managed from a single source. With fines up to AU$1.3m for each single infraction, the risk associated with a poorly executed digital strategy can become extremely costly.

This is how Modern Marketers engage

It’s not possible to market today via one channel, or at least you will miss people if you run a campaign in one channel. Clients and prospects have many channels that they will choose from, it could be email, it could be your website or it could be social and of course a mix of each of these. Plus, you probably run face-to-face events i.e breakfast or lunch events. Have you discovered that the best way to get the attention of your telco is to Tweet? Twitter has been a disruptive channel for many telco’s.

In the diagram below, Modern Marketers don’t “batch and blast” their database. They carefully select people based on their Digital Body Language™ and then engage with a topic of implied interest. This can mean a campaign with consist of 468 people and not 11,456. A bigger audience is not always the best option.

The Marketing System of Record 600x319pxl

What about Social Media?

The decision to take your firm into the Social world needs to be thought through. Of Australia’s 11.5 million employed people, 9 million people check Facebook each day. Now, not all of those 9 million are employed, but this gives you a good idea of the penetration of Social Media within Australia. This is just Facebook.

Something else to consider is that over 4 million Australia’s are on LinkedIn, according to this BRW article.

Discover how Marketing Automation can help you drive the best possible Client Experience at your firm

FP-OMC_Marketing_Automation_Simplified_900pxl WideMarketing Automation is much more than “email marketing”.

Integration of your various digital assets, including social, improves your CX by delivering the right content to prospects and client when they need it. 

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