It may be stating the obvious, but taking advantage of the \”automation\” of Marketing Automation is sometimes overlooked by even the most modern of marketers.

Public holiday emails are one great example of a campaign that can be built in December to cover all office hour notifications for the following year.

It\’s really quite simple.

In Australia we have the following holidays that you will typically want to share with your customers and business partners:

New Year
Australia Day &

…and then you may have some specific state based holidays that you will need to communicate e.g. Labour Day & the Queens\’s Birthday public holidays differs from state to state within Australia.

Click here for a list of national and state public holidays as listed by the Australian Government.

Cultural Sensitivity

Across your customer base it\’s likely you will have a cross range of people from various cultures. How you choose to communicate is up to you. However holiday communications from our point of view is essentially to keep our customers up to date with our opening hours.

In the example below, you can see we\’ve carefully worded the email to be respectful to people\’s various backgrounds, essentially acknowledging that there are many ways people may choose to spend the Easter break.

If you\’re creative, these public holiday messages could be a lot of fun. Cool video\’s or a fun infographic could be one way to get a message across or to just generally say thank you to your customers.

Building the campaign in Oracle Marketing Cloud

The starting point is your Segment, which should be a dynamic Segment. You will need to use the Multi-Step Campaign, not a Simple Email Campaign. You need to select the \”Add members hourly until campaign is deactivated\” from the Segment. You want an individual canvas for each public holiday message.

Set your start date and end dates for the campaign in the context of each of the specific holidays. What you\’re avoiding is for new contacts added in March 2015 to be automatically dropped into your Australia Day January 2015 campaign – awkward!

You can create each of the respective public holiday campaigns in December 2014 and then they\’re all set for 2015. We had some fun with the automation in 2014. We sent an email at 12:01am on the 1st of January wishing everyone a happy new year, we had a large amount of fun responses from people.

We\’re in the business of Marketing Automation, so our customers expect us to do some fun and perhaps whacky things like send them a message at 12:01am on New Years Day!

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