Over the past few months I’ve had a number of meetings with customers where we’ve talked about their nurturing campaigns. To be honest, I tend to geek out a little with these meetings.

From my point of view as a Customer Success Director it tells me that they’ve moved on from a batch and blast email Marketing mindset to that of a “Modern Marketer”.

What I’ve noticed across many customers?

Our clients are all Oracle CX Marketing  Eloqua customers. Many have previously used either a basic email marketing platform or outsourced their email marketing. Once they decide to start down the path towards building a lead nurturing campaign, it’s clear they’re ready to exploit Eloqua’s rich functionality.

By the time they reach out to Marketing Cube for help, they’re generally in one of two places:

  1. They know what they want to do, but need some support to make it happen or
  2. They’ve already done a lot of work around messaging and campaign design, they now want help to validate their campaign and want advice from us on how best to use Eloqua to make it happen.

Common Considerations

Once you have your messaging locked down, it’s easy enough to build a multi-step campaign with Eloqua. The parts that require more thought are the following:

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This is often a major discussion point. Some customers have draconian contact policies from the old “email marketing” days that place restrictions on contact frequency e.g. “We can send no more than one email a week”.

Here’s a concept, why not ask your prospects how often they’d like to hear from you?

What defines a Lead?

Specifically, what is a Marketing Qualified Lead? If Marketing define an MQL in isolation of the Sales team, they’re at risk of delivering “dud” leads that the Sales team will reject over and over.

Include Sales in the design of the campaign to ensure they have some “skin” in the game. Access this Marketing Automation Simplified White Paper to understand further about sales enablement, data and targeting, lead nurturing etc.

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Reporting & Insight

Oracle CX Marketing  provides a rich combination of report types. Once we understand what Oracle Marketing Cloud user would like to see, we can then work out which of the many reports will deliver the right data.

You can also think through end-to-end or closed loop reporting where Oracle CX Marketing and your CRM come together to help determine overall campaign performance with that one key measure – did the prospect become a customer?

Who will be Nurtured?

This is not always as simple as it sounds. What qualifies a person to be entered into your nurturing campaign?

Is there criterion for their removal from a campaign? What happens if they become a customer half way through your nurturing campaign? Is it critical they be removed?

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What is the Message/Offer?

This point varies across our customers. However most will tend to create a mixture of more educational content mixed with specific calls to action for gated or high value content.

Providing a mix of gated and non-gated content is advisable. Gated content requires the person to submit a form in order to access the content on offer.

Digital Body Language

This is one of the significant areas where Marketing Automation offers so much more insight than simple email marketing.

By understanding a person’s Digital Body Language, you can adjust the campaign and the messaging based on a persons engagement with your organisation and their implicit and/or explicit behaviour.

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Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is a fairly common concept, however few organisations have the ability to automate lead scoring and more to the point, refine it over time.

Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua customers have access to the most sophisticated lead scoring model availability. While sophisticated, it provides and easy to use interface helping you build and refine your lead scoring model.

Sharpen the Saw

Once your nurturing campaign is live, you need to spend time measuring and understanding the impact the campaign is having on the delivery of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) to the Sales team.

By including the Sales team in the design of the campaign and specifically understanding the type of leads they need in order to close more sales, you may need to think about the flow or quantity of leads they receive. If the Sales team can only manage 100 MQL’s a week, there’s no point delivering 500 leads a week. This comes back to the first bullet point above – frequency.

This is also referred to as “throttling” or adjusting the speed of delivery. By adjusting the frequency of email delivery, you can control the delivery of MQL’s.

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Is it time to discover how nurturing can be a game changer?

To help you experience a lead nurturing campaign, why not join our nurturing campaign today. We use Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B (Eloqua) to drive our campaigns.

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