I spent the past week at the Oracle offices in North Ryde, Sydney with a group of new Oracle Marketing Cloud Partners learning the process of implementing Eloqua.

My background is not so technical, however I enjoy understanding this aspect of the platform. In my role as the Customer Success Director, it\’s critical for me to understand the impact of certain decisions that need to be made in the early days of implementing Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B (Eloqua).

There are a range of considerations when implementing a marketing automation platform, one of the major ones has to do with your CRM. While these decisions are made when you first go live, it\’s the nature of most CRM systems that they change over time. Departments need new fields added, business processes change etc.

Oracle Marketing Cloud gives you the flexibility to easily make changes to the integration to take advantage of any CRM changes that you need to make. Your CRM Administrator can take care of these changes in most cases.

BUTTON Lets Learn About Lead Scoring

What About Leads and Routing?

Lead routing is best handled by the CRM. Oracle Marketing Cloud has a robust Lead Scoring engine to help you deliver the right leads to the sales team at the right time. The Lead Scoring Model is best developed in consultation with the Sales team. Then, over time, the model can be adjusted based on feedback from the Sales team in relation to the quality of the leads Marketing is sending through to the CRM.

Thresholds can be set to either increase or decrease the delivery of leads to the Sales team. There\’s no point delivering 150 leads a week if the Sales team only has the capacity to contact 50 people in the same period.

What about Campaign approvals?

For larger Marketing teams it\’s likely you have various people completing various activities. For example, one team may build the campaign on the canvas, another team may produce the emails and another team the landing pages and forms. Each of the these \”assets\” come together on the Campaign Canvas and provide a single place to view all aspects of the campaign.

Oracle Marketing Cloud provides you with a Campaign Approval workflow ensuring the right people can review the campaign and all of its assets before the campaign is activated.

Additional Integration

For most organisations, integration requirements will go well beyond the CRM and it\’s core objects i.e Accounts, Contacts, Leads. Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B (Eloqua) provides rich and deep integration with what most CRM providers call \”Custom Objects\”. This is easily achieved across Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle CRM On Demand with \”out-of-the-box\” solutions.

As part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud suite, you can also integrate with Oracle Social Relationship Management, Oracle Data Management (BlueKai), Oracle Content Marketing (Compendium).

Click here to watch a 50 minute video that talks to CRM integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud CRM. Once you\’ve watched this, you can probably teach me a few things!

In Summary

The week with Oracle was well worth the investment of my time. It\’s given me greater respect for our implementation team and the great work they do. Since 2007, they\’ve been helping our customers across the Asia Pacific region get the most out of Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B (Eloqua).

If you\’d like to learn more about how Marketing Cube can support your business, please call me directly on 02 8244 0007 or click here to submit an enquiry form.