Reflect for a moment.. what seems to be your usual thought process when a brand talks to you?

a) “Perfect, I’m buying that watch!” How convenient it is also 20% off if you buy it today.
b) “Why are they even sending me this? why would I want that?”
c) Or worse…. “Who is this, and what is this?”. Unsubscribe!

So many company\’s have a horde of data which is essentially a door-way to so many opportunities. The way they use it however is a fraction of what they could do. Do you receive emails about products you’ve never once shown an interest in?

Do you continue to receive invitations to music events in Brisbane when you moved interstate 5 years ago? Or, have you stopped opening emails from certain senders yet they continue to contact you week after week, month after month…? Yes, so does everyone else…

You are individual, just like everybody else

The batch send email is essentially sending out one, generic message to a very large number of people. Yes, the message is reaching a large number of people but that is a quantity over quality scenario. Furthermore, would you continue to contact these people who never opened the first email or the second? Maybe they missed it or accidentally deleted it. No, there could be a high chance they just aren’t interested.

Shift from ‘list’ focus to ‘customer behaviour’ focus. By understanding customers digital body language (behaviour), you can engage with them rather than it all being a one way conversation. Talk with 100 interested people rather than a list of 1000 just because you ‘can’ contact them. Sending out irrelevant, untimely messages essentially causes ‘clutter’, which is what drives consumers the other way.

The Yankelovich study \”Consumer Resistance to Marketing Reaches All-Time High Marketing Productivity Plummets”, reflects that 60% of consumers have a much more negative opinion of marketing and advertising now than a few years ago. Consumers are bombarded with irrelevant information.

A great example of success is Network Ten – They realised the change in their audiences behaviour as digital content was increasingly being consumed. Tenplay was built in order to close the loop between broadcast and digital. They now have a very data driven approach and are all about measuring success, after assessing their fragmented digital strategy.

Network 10 also previously used a third-party managed email platform with no connectivity to its former content management system, which essentially led to the ‘batch and blast’ approach. They have since deployed Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) to personalise emails and send out to those who have opted in to receive communications based on interests, which improves their content offering and customer engagement motive.

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